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Here at, we asked readers to write Cavaliers resident free spirit, Scot Pollard, with their questions -- even if they are about basketball. Thankfully, hardly any of them were, so Scot took a moment to answer his mailbox.

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Enjoy ...

Comments: Hey do you travel with a "crew"? Seems like most guys in the NBA have a crew. I'm assuming you might. If so does it involve anybody famous? Assemble your crew and roll through you local shopping mall with them!!!
First Name: Brian
City: Cleveland
State: Ohio

Scot Pollard: I don’t have a crew. I just have my wife and kids and I don’t think that qualifies as a “crew” in the traditional sense. I have five friends and none of them are in Cleveland. So I won’t be rolling through the mall with my crew anytime soon.

Comments: Are you a vampire? I think I've seen your likeness in some old civil war pictures.
First Name: Jake
City: Bristol
State: PA

SP: I am not a vampire, but I am willing to learn. You might have seen my likeness in some old Civil War pictures, though. I was born on the same day as Abraham Lincoln. (Not the same day … you know what I mean.)

Comments: Scot, why does Meredith Grey still have fingers after receiving well over a dozen units of epinephrine during the episode of “Grey's Anatomy” where she was revived from hypothermia? Shouldn't excessive epinephrine administration cause distal extremity vascular necrosis?
First Name: Yale
City: Chagrin Falls
State: OH

SP: You didn’t just ask that question, did you? My wife watches “Grey’s Anatomy” but I usually just play on my computer while she is. Personally, I’d rather jam my hand into a blender.

Comments: what were you like in high school?
First Name: john
City: strongsville
State: ohio

SP: In high school I was the big, dopey guy who was really good at basketball and I had a ton of acne. I still have the scars from it and I’ve been told that you can have surgery to fix it, but I think the scars add to my beauty and character.

Comments: Scot, over the year I have noticed a new "member" of the team... of course I'm talking about Drew Gooden's "ducktail"... so my question is: how do you feel about the "ducktail" and would you ever consider growing one?
First Name: Jeff
City: Kent
State: OH

SP: You’d have to ask Drew directly about his ducktail – if that’s what you call it. But I will not be growing one myself. The thing is, I’m able to grow hair pretty much on all the rest of my head, so I’m going to stick with my usual rotation. Actually, I’m going to grow my hair out long again. I hope I’m around in Cleveland long enough for you guys to see it.

Comments: Scot, how do you spell "fasciculus cuneatus"?
First Name: Jason
City: Cleveland
State: OH

SP: I could be wrong, but I think it’s "f-a-s-c-i-c-u-l-u-s c-u-n-e-a-t-u-s."

Comments: My son and I have an ongoing debate that maybe you can end. Which Cavs player has the greatest diversity of music on his ipod? What artist have you downloaded onto your iPod more than any other?
First Name: Bill
City: Cleveland
State: Ohio

SP: I would have to say it’s either Ira Newble, Drew Gooden or me. The artist that I have downloaded more than any other is Bob Marley. I can just pop on some Bob Marley and I can picture hanging out on a beach in the sun. I have everything he’s ever put out and probably have bought two of all his CDs. Definitely Bob Marley, followed by my favorite band, Clutch.

Comments: Has Mike Brown ever kissed you like he kisses Sasha?
First Name: Johanna
City: Amherst
State: Ohio

SP: You know what, Johanna? Mike Brown has never kissed me like he kisses Sasha. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t play enough or how I look. I hope it's the first one, because I don't think Mike is that shallow. But it hurts my feelings either way.

Comments: Scott, I don't like working very much, but I like expensive things. My boss won't give me a raise because I'm never in the office and I need more money ... lots. Any ideas?
First Name: Dan
City: Akron
State: OH

SP: Isn't it obvious, Dan? Quit your job and buy a ton of lottery tickets.

Comments: You look a lot like my brother. Wait, that's not a question... Do you know that you look a lot like my brother?
First Name: Robert
City: Hiram
State: OH

SP: Ha! Great question, Robert. And no, I didn’t.

Comments: What happened to the second "t" in “Scott” Did you lose it in a bar fight or a game of horse?
First Name: Scott
City: Macedonia
State: OH

SP: Every one of my five siblings has four letters in their first name and, well, “Scott” traditionally has five. My dad used to joke that the reason for that was that my mother screamed a four-letter word when she was having us. (My brothers and I are all around seven feet tall.) Another unique thing is that we all have middle initials that don’t have an actual name – mine is L. My sister didn’t have one, so now that she’s married, she uses the “P.”

Comments: Scott, my girlfriend of about two years dumped me last month for some Army guy she met while she was in LA. What is the best way for me to get over her?
First Name: Dylan
City: Zanesville
State: Ohio

SP: There are actually a few things you can do, Dylan. One, rejoice and run as fast as you can in case she comes back. Two, just go out and get another girl. And three, join the Marines and try to get her back.

Comments: Paper of Plastic?
First Name: Jeff
City: Howard
State: OH

SP: Plastic! Screw the environment.

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