Tristan Thompson's Player Mailbox

April 2, 2012
Tristan Thompson
This past June, the Cavaliers had two of the top four picks in the Draft. Even casual fans expected the selection of Kyrie Irving. But pundits didn't see the Wine and Gold tabbing Tristan Thompson at No. 4.

With less than a month remaining in their rookie seasons, the Cavs are ecstatic with both of their first rounders.

Tristan has been one of the top rookie rebounders all season, but since being inserted into the starting lineup, he's turned up his game -- averaging 11.8 points on .506 shooting, 7.7 rebounds (4.4 offensive) per contest.

In his Player Mailbox, Tristan talks music, movies, his toughest opponent and who would win a dunk contest between himself and Alonzo Gee ….

Comments: What change did you make to your free throw shooting to gain such a rapid improvement?
Full Name: Jake Malcolm
City: Adelaide
State: South Australia

Tristan Thompson: Well, Jake, I moved towards the left of the nail, so I think I’m more centered now. Things are working out pretty well for me – thanks to Coach Scott – and my percentage went up.

I also stopped over-dribbling at the line. I’m a thinker, so now I just catch it and shoot it and knock out all the thinking and processing and just stick to my form.

Comments: Love watching you play,'s always exciting!!! Glad you're on the Wine & Gold!! My question is, having seen your personality shine through in interviews, have you ever considered stand up? You are definitely a funny guy! Don't quit hoops, because we need you!! But you are HILARIOUS!!! Maybe a career in broadcasting down the road? GO CAVS!!!
Full Name: Laureen Lasko
City: Lakewood
State: OH

Tristan: To be honest, Laureen, yeah, a lot of people say I’m a comedian. I’m probably one of the funnier on the team.

Ask Coach Scott. I’m the reason he still looks young. If it wasn’t for me, he’d have more wrinkles than he does. He might need some Botox.

Yeah, I definitely like broadcasting. And I’m looking forward to getting into it when my career is done. Hopefully that’s another 15 or 20 years from now, but it’s something that I’d be interested in.

Comments: ‘sup, Tristan! Just wondering: what's your favorite movie and/or actor of all time? If you can't narrow it down to one, give us a top three!
Full Name: Mike Brenkus
City: Cleveland
State: Ohio

Tristan: Okay, Mike. My favorite movie is “Coming to America.” It’s a great movie! Eddie Murphy. Arsenio Hall. It kind of reflects my life – being from Canada and coming to America. I can kind of relate to it.

That’s my favorite movie of all time. But “Rush Hour” is always up there. And last of the three would be “Friday.”

Comments: What are the aspects of your game that you will be more focused on during the off-season?
Full Name: Pedro Moreira
City: Porto
State: Portugal

Tristan: Pedro, during the off-season, I want to continue to get better, get stronger and definitely work on the 15-foot mid-range shot. Looking at Antawn and how successful he’s been in his career and being able to keep the defense honest by knocking down shots is something that I want to add to my game.

Comments: If you were stuck on an island with only one artist's discography, which artist would it be?
Full Name: Ben Hryb
City: Northfield
State: Ohio

Tristan: If I was stuck on an island with one artist’s discography, it’d probably be Jay-Z’s. It would keep me entertained and it has a lot of stories behind it. It’d keep me entertained on this island because I have nothing to do but sleep and drink fresh water – if there is any.

Comments: Who has been the toughest matchup so far for you this season?
Full Name: Tejon Hugee
City: Augusta
State: Ga

Tristan: I think Zaza Pachulia might have been the toughest, because he’s so wide and heavy and I wasn’t able to move him as easily as I wanted to. So probably Zaza.

Comments: We're having a project in school about sport and recycling. Do you recycle? Please answer as soon as possible.
Full Name: Emil Muur
City: Vejen
State: Denmark

Tristan: Yes, I do recycle, Emil. I’m a green guy, the earth is important to me. So recycling is definitely going to help our eco-zone. So, yes, I do.

Comments: Hey Tristan, do you have a chip on your shoulder after all the critics bashed you?
Full Name: Kevin Simmons
City: Uniontown
State: Pennsylvania

Tristan: Kevin, I always feel like I have something to prove. A lot of people questioned the Cavs’ decision on picking me No. 4. What I have to say to critics is that they weren’t in the workouts and didn’t see what I had done.

Seeing what I’ve been able to do this season so far, they can bite their tongue. And I’m smiling.

Comments: What were some of your first purchases after signing your contract?
Full Name: Clint Corn
City: San Antonio
State: Texas

Tristan: After signing my first contract I bought my own car – I bought an Escalade. I bought myself some clothes. I’m a clotheshorse. And I bought myself two Rolex watches – a Presidential one and a regular everyday Rolex.

Comments: Yo, Tristan. What kind of music are you listening to? Have you ever listened to MGK?
Full Name: Joe Zateer
City: Stockholm
State: Sweeden

Tristan: Yeah, of course! He’s a Cleveland guy – Machine Gun Kelly! You gotta support Cleveland! I do rap, hip hop, R&B – anything to keep me calm and cool.

Comments: If there were a dunk contest consisting of you and Alonzo Gee, who do you think would win?
Full Name: Will Fritz
City: Dallas
State: Texas

Tristan: Just because I’m a competitor, I would definitely beat Alonzo Gee.

He’s all power dunks, he has no creativity – and I’m throwing him under the bus right now. But you know it’s all good.

But I’d dunk on him and get the crowd going.