Cavs Kids & Cavalittles - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Workshop-Audition?
A workshop-audition is an audition that has all the fun and excitement of a workshop. It gives each participant the opportunity to learn new dance skills and build new friendships while eliminating the pressure of a traditional audition. It is a great opportunity for Cleveland’s most talented children to engage in a relaxed and informal yet professional environment.

What is the Work-Audition Process?
The workshop-audition will begin with registration. Following registration there will be an introduction, a demonstration performance by the Cavaliers Scream Team and Cavalier Girls and a group warm up. The participants will then learn a dance routine and technique combination. Both will be reviewed and the participants will perform them in small groups. After group performances the participants will have the opportunity to show their individual talent during a fun and exciting freestyle session. The workshop-audition will conclude with a Q&A meeting where all concerns and/or questions will be addressed.

Is the Workshop-Audition open to the public?
No, the workshop - audition is not open to the public. Only parents/legal guardians will be allowed to attend registration, introduction and the Scream Team and Cavalier Girls demonstration, after which they will be asked to leave and return during the freestyle portion of the day.

What are the age requirements?
Participants must be at least 5 and no older than 13 years of age at the time of the workshop-audition.

What should participants wear to the Workshop-Audition?
Participants should wear comfortably fitting athletic clothing and non-marking athletic shoes.

Will lunch be provided?
No, lunch will not be provided; however there is time set aside for a small snack. Please bring a healthy energy providing snack for your child including a refillable water bottle.

What skills must participants possess?
Participants should have the following skills:
  • Energy
  • Showmanship
  • Fun and positive personality
  • Crowd appeal
  • Ability to learn and execute choreography
  • Individual talent
Is Pre-registration required?
No, the audition is open and everyone is welcome, however space is limited so it is advised that participants visit www.cavs .com for online preregistration to guarantee reserved audition space. Registration packet including photo and payment of $15 can be completed and paid online or sent to:

Attn: Cavs Kids and Cavalittles
One Center Court
Cleveland Ohio 44115


When will the final team be selected and notified?
Those chosen from the workshop to be part of the Cavs Kids or Cavalittles will receive a phone call after the Workshop-Audition to announce and congratulate the new members! (Specific date and time will be announced during Q&A)

When will the final team perform?
The final team will perform at select Cleveland Cavaliers home games designated as “Kid’s Nights” throughout the regular season (average of one performance per month). If necessary, the team may be asked to participate during playoffs as well.

When and where will the final team practice?
Practices will generally be Wednesdays 6pm – 8pm and Sundays 2pm – 4pm for Cavs Kids and Sundays 2pm-4pm for Cavalittles; location to be announced. Practices will be run professionally and in addition to dance and performance skills, will teach children the value of hard work, responsibility and overall teamwork. Detailed practice information will be provided after the final team has been selected.

Will game tickets be provided for performances?
Yes, details provided to the final team.