Daily News - July 16, 2014

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Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert talks about the waiting game for LeBron James
Author: Terry Pluto
Publication: The Plain Dealer

"CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Dan Gilbert felt it -- "the burden," as he now calls it.

On his jet headed to Florida on July 6 to talk to LeBron James, Gilbert knew he had to make it right.

"There was this 'thing' out there about us," said the Cavs owner. "When you have a problem with someone, it usually doesn't end up in public like this."

The "thing" was the ugliness over the way James left the Cavs in 2010, followed by the volatile letter from Gilbert."

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The Cavaliers' LeBron James, the Browns' Johnny Manziel and the power of perceptions
Author: Bill Livingston
Publication: The Plain Dealer

"CLEVELAND, Ohio –- Thinking outside the box is a coveted ability in sports today. It certainly applies to the rise of the Cavaliers' LeBron James in civic esteem and the potential of the Browns' Johnny Manziel either to rise or fall.

In tactical terms, there is a "box" in both basketball and fooball, both designed to constrict the space in which a great player can do great things.

The box in football is the area five yards behind the line of scrimmage, which can be packed with seven or eight players in certain situations. It teems with peril for a quarterback like Manziel. The defensive ends form the sides of what amounts to a pass-rushing box, each tasked with not letting a mobile quarterback like Johnny Football slip outside the box. LSU and Missuori executed the gameplan brilliantly last season in victories over Texas A&M and Manziel.

More often, Manziel burst his boundaries, made thrilling plays with his feet or his arm, and broke the box into kindling."

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Seven observations on the Cleveland Cavaliers and the NBA from Las Vegas Summer League
Author: Chris Fedor
Publication: Cleveland.com

"LAS VEGAS -- The Cleveland Cavaliers have wrapped up the preliminary round of summer league. Sitting at 3-0, they now wait to see where they will be seeded for the tournament, which is set to begin on Wednesday. The Cavs' could start tourney play on Thursday, depending on their seed.

Cleveland has received a lot of attention this week. Fans have packed Cox Pavilion, hoping to get a glimpse of former UNLV star Anthony Bennett as well as June's No. 1 pick, Andrew Wiggins. There has also been plenty of buzz about the direction of the team now that LeBron James has returned.

If the Cavs win the summer league title, they will have played seven games. Here are seven observations as the team eyes the crown, which will be awarded next Monday.

1. The highs and lows of Wiggins: I think it will be important for fans to remember that he's only 19. He could be entering his first year in college if not for a reclassification ruling."

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