Daily News - July 14, 2014

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How much does it matter that Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James lacks ruthlessness of Michael Jordan?
Author: Bill Livingston
Publication: Plain Dealer

"CLEVELAND, Ohio –- Already one of the all-time great players with four league Most Valuable Player awards, is LeBron James, a Cavalier again, on his way to being the best ever?

If the measure is simply championships, that is going to be very hard. Michael Jordan won six as the mainspring of the Chicago Bulls. James didn't make it past two with a loaded team in Miami.

Jordan had the best sidekick ever in Scottie Pippen. James went to four NBA Finals in four years in Miami. In the two that Miami won and the second one that they lost recently, James did the heavy lifting. He was the last of the "Three Kings" standing, as injury and ineffectiveness made Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, the other magi, magically disappear.

No one will ever pass Bill Russell with 11 championships in 13 years. The 1950s and '60s were a different era, however. The game has changed so much in strength training, sheer size, scouting, tactics and statistical influence that Russell's era has little application to today."

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The other top pick: Anthony Bennett is out to prove to everybody that he can play after rocky first season
Author: Chris Fedor
Publication: Cleveland.com

"LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- The story of Anthony Bennett's rookie season last year read like a horror novel.

The joy of being the first overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft quickly turned to frustration as Bennett dealt with one issue after another. It all culminated in one of the worst rookie seasons from a top pick in NBA history.

First, surgery for a torn labrum cost him a chance to play in last year's summer league. By the time he recovered, he showed up to training camp looking nothing like the Mountain West Conference Player of the Year. Overweight and out of shape, Bennett had a hard time just getting up and down the court consistently without calling for a sub. It never got better as Bennett crumbled under the burden of being the top pick in the draft.

"I was just putting a lot of pressure on myself," Bennett said following the Cleveland Cavaliers' 82-70 win on Sunday against the San Antonio Spurs in summer league. "Things weren't going right for me. It was just everything collapsing and everything building up. Got down on myself."

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LeBron James' commitment to the Cleveland Cavaliers puts to rest a wild week of drama, rumors and unrest
Author: Zack Meisel
Publication: Cleveland.com

"CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The cupcake shop owner knew. The personal trainer knew. So, too, did Professor Plum and Colonel Mustard.

Everyone with a pulse seemed to have an inkling about where LeBron James would opt to spend his future, whether via a legitimate source or through a friend's cousin's neighbor's barber's customer's Twitter follower.

When the dust settled and James announced his decision to return to Cleveland in the form of a 951-word essay, those who boasted from the beginning that basketball's best player would venture home were validated. Still, the smothering swirl of whispers and innuendo sparked a weeks-long saga that left the NBA world -- and the city of Cleveland -- in limbo as everyone awaited the only words that mattered: a commitment from the mouth (or, given the way it actually unfolded, the keyboard) of James himself.

On June 22, James' wife, Savannah, posted a photo on her Instagram account of the state of Ohio with a red star hovering over Akron, the couple's hometown. She accompanied the picture with the caption, "Home sweet home!! The countdown is real!" James had yet to opt out of his contract with the Miami Heat (he did three days later), but immediately, speculation arose about whether his spouse was providing a hint about their plan for a homecoming."

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