The Cavaliers, Monsters and Glidden® Paint have teamed up to make schools in our community more colorful. The “Colorful Community Contest” allows schools in Northeast Ohio to apply for the opportunity to have a classroom(s), hallway(s) or other space(s) repainted by the experts at Glidden® Paint. The project is designed to help upgrade the facilities where school children learn by making them fresher, brighter and more colorful.

The three schools below have been selected as the semi-finalists of the “Colorful Community Contest.” Vote for your favorite school now, and they could win the opportunity to have their space repainted by the experts of Glidden Paint! Voting is open from Friday, February 22nd though Friday, March 8th.

The Westside Community School of Arts
(Cleveland, OH)

Space(s) Requested:

Currently, our hallways are white, chipped, water stained, and worn. I think that it would be fun to paint them, but not just a coat of paint. I feel that it would be interesting to illustrate characters of music/art symbols throughout the hallways, stairwalls, or even classroom doors. We would like to provide some variety to refelct our diverse community, students, and staff.

Why Does The Westside Community School of Arts:
“Recently, Constellation Schools purchased our school building. Prior to this, we were renting the space. With this great purchase, there are a lot of renovations that are needed to be done! Its outdated areas would greatly benefit from a fresh and lively coat of paint. A "colorful" facelift would solidify an official home for our school.”

Lorain Community Elementary School
(Twinsburg, OH)

Space(s) Requested:

The hallways and possibly accent walls in some classrooms would be nice to add color to.

Why Does Lorain Community Elementary School Deserve a Colorful Facelift:
“We recently moved into our school. We are a Charter School and we moved into our school in August. The school moved into was a closed down former public school in Lorain. There was so much to fix before we could start school that painting was rushed and a last thought. Everything was painted off white or beige and they even left some of the lockers a mint green from the original school. They only colors available to brighten our rooms or hallways comes from posters and bulletin boards.”

Garfield Elementary School
(Medina, OH)

Space(s) Requested:

We would love our cafeteria and main entrance hallway painted.

Why Does Garfield Elementary School Deserve a Colorful Facelift:
“Our school just celebrated its 100th birthday this year. It is a very old building in need of a bright, colorful facelift.”