Wheelchair Cavaliers 1-3 in Iron City Shoot Out

Cleveland Wheelchair Cavaliers

The Cleveland Wheelchair Cavaliers traveled to Pittsburgh to participate in the Iron City Shoot Out March 16 & 17. In game one, the Wheelchair Cavaliers played the Phildelphia Magee Sixers. The Cavaliers trailed from the beginning, but kept the game close. The Cavaliers were able to take the lead with 30 seconds left and held on for the victor by a score of 36 - 35. The Cavaliers were lead by Steve Smutak with 18 points, Brent Hilliard with 10 points, Drew Lacko with 6 points and Erik Whetstone with 2 points.

In game two, the Cavaliers played the NRH Ambassodors. The Cavaliers were able to keep the game close until late in the second half when the Ambassodors pulled away and beat the Cavaliers 54 - 40. The Cavaliers were lead in scoring by Smutak with 16 points and Lacko and Hilliard with 12 each.

In game three, the Cavaliers played host Pittsburgh Steelwheelers. It was a tight contest through out, but the Cavaliers fell again by a score of 38 to 28. The Cavaliers were lead by Hilliard with 10, Smutak and Lacko with 8 each, and Dan Lemmer with 2.

On Sunday, the Cavaliers had a rematch versus the Sixers, and again the contest was close through out and Cavaliers came up short once again by a score of 40 - 31. The Cavaliers were led in scoring by Smutak with 16, Lacko with 9, Shawn Kravchuck with 4 and Hilliard with 2.

The Wheelchair Cavaliers return to action April 6th playing the Pittsburgh Steelwheelers at the Independence Field House. Be sure to follow the Cleveland Wheelchair Cavaliers on Facebook.