Cleveland Wheelchair Cavaliers Start 4-0

Cleveland Wheelchair Cavaliers

The Cleveland Wheelchair Cavaliers took on the Moraine Minutemen Saturday, December 1st at Willetts Middle School in Brunswick. In game one, the Cavaliers jumped out a lead early with baskets being scored by William Waller, Shawn Kravchuck and Brent Hilliard. The Cavaliers lead 38 - 17 at the half. The Minutemen battled back cutting the lead to 11 in the second half, but the Cavaliers never allowed the Minutemen to close the gap any further finishing with a 54 - 39 victory. The Cavaliers were lead by William Waller with 28 points and Brent Hilliard with 8 points. The Cavaliers had eight players get into the scoring column.

In game two, the Cavaliers again jumped out to an early with baskets being scored by Drew Lacko, William Waller and Steve Smutak. The Cavaliers lead 35 - 12 at the half. This game the Cavaliers did not allow the Minutemen to get back into the contest and extending the lead to 32 points midway through the second half. The Cavaliers won the contest by a score of 55 - 28. The Cavaliers were lead in scoring by William Waller with 27 and Nate Postlethwaite and Steve Smutak with 6 each. Once again, the Cavaleirs had eight players get into the scoring column.

The Cleveland Wheelchair Cavaliers are off to a 4 - 0 start, and next play on December 8 & 9 when they travel to Virginia to play in a ten team tournament being held at Fort Lee Military Base.