Wheelchair Cavaliers Weekend Battle with Pittsburgh

Cleveland Wheelchair Cavaliers

The Cleveland Wheelchair Cavaliers hosted the Pittsburgh Steelwheelers at the Independence Field House this weekend. On Saturday, April 6th, the Cavaliers and Pittsburgh played a close game through out with the outcome being decided in the final minute of the game. The Steelwheelers held on to defeat the Wheelchair Cavaliers by a score of 38 to 37. The Cavaliers were lead in scoring by Steve Smutak with 14, Paul Zinn, Drew Lacko and Brent Hilliard with 7 each and Dan Lemmer with 2.

In Game two on Saturday, the Steelwheelers took control early and won decisively by a score of 44 to 24. The Cavaliers were lead in scoring by Lemmer with 7, Hilliard with 6, Vince Momosor with 4, Zinn with 3, and Nate Postlethwaite and Smutak with 2 each.

On Sunday, April 7th, the Cavaliers and Steelwheelers played two very close games. In game one, the Steelwheelers were able to hold off the Cavaliers by hitting their free throws winning by a score of 39 to 32. The Cavaliers were lead by Lemmer with 14, Zinn with 8, Tremayne Smoot and Momosor with 3 each, and Lacko and Postlethwaite with 2 each.

In the final game of the weekend, the Cavaliers ran out to an early lead and maintained a 10 point edge until the final eight minutes of the game. The Steelwheelers made a strong push and took the lead and held on to defeat the Cavaliers by a score of 41 to 34. The Cavaliers were lead in scoring by Smutak with 16, Lacko with 7, Hilliard and Zinn with 4 each, Momosor with 2 and Lemmer with 1.

The Cavaliers record stands at 14-10, and are seeded 12th heading into the National Wheelchair Basketball Associations Division 3 National Championship Tournament being held in Louisville, Kentucky April 18 - 21. You can follow the game updates on the Cleveland Wheelchair Cavaliers facebook page.