“Legends in Business” Career Advice

NBA and CareerBuilder.com together have created the first "Legends in Business" team. The team - which includes NBA Legends Julius Erving, Dominique Wilkins, Clyde Drexler, Jamal Mashburn and Dave Bing - was created to share its knowledge and expertise in career development and emphasize the importance of diversity in the workplace.

(NBA Legends Julius Erving, Clyde Drexler, Dave Bing, Jamal Mashburn, Dominique Wilkins)

You probably know about many of their achievements on the basketball court, but may not be aware of their many business successes. We are excited to bring you Career Advice from each of the Legends:

“Always remember how important people are in your life. I don’t think I would have had the success I’ve had as basketball player or business person if I didn’t value myself and respect the others around me. Building relationships with people is very, very important, I don’t care where you are going in life, people are probably the most important aspect that will help you grow. Additionally, find a mentor. Don’t be afraid to latch onto somebody that can help you whether it is going to be in basketball or in life.”
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“You never know where the basketball or the game is going to take you, but you’ve got to be prepared for anything, just as you do in the game of life. You have to be prepared for the journey.”
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“Pay special attention to the people who have been entrusted with your development as a player. Listen to them, they are going to try to give you great advice and never intentionally give you bad advice.”
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“Make yourself as valuable as you can - both to yourself and to the others around you. I think you can go a long way in life, and not just in basketball, but in business or in any endeavor you choose if you make yourself valuable. Look to become a great piece of society and make your own mark; that’s one of the things I’ve done. As a young kid, I wanted to create my own footprints and I didn’t want to follow in anybody else’s footprints. It is the path that I’ve chosen and at times, it’s been hard, but it has been very fulfilling and rewarding.”
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“If you respect the game the game will give you rewards in return, but you have got to be patient you have got to be willing to listen because the people who are teaching you, for the most part, have been in your shoes. They’ve been through what you are getting ready to go through. It is steps at a time. You’ve got to be patient and be willing to take the time and listen learn and really appreciate where you are trying to go.”
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