Toronto Raptors TV and radio voice Chuck Swirsky gives the skinny on NBA All-Star.

I admit I am an All-Star fanatic.

I had the pleasure of covering three All-Star games and love the experience of All-Star weekend. It's a coming out party for new stars and a chance for older players to relish what they accomplished in the Association. I've seen Michael Jordan take off from the foul line in the Slam Dunk contest and thought he would NEVER land. I must confess I thought Dominique Wilkins beat out MJ for the slam title in 1988. By the way, where was the game played? Chicago, of course.

Basketball U I remember Larry Bird's incredible outside shooting nailing three ball after three ball in the Shootout, willing his last attempt, the "money" ball, right down the pipe, walking off court raising an extended arm in the air the moment he released the shot. Talk about confidence!

Believe it or not, in the 60s and 70s the game was played on a weeknight. Are you kidding me?

Commissioner David Stern and the entire NBA has done a fantastic job with this event and perhaps one day we'll see the game in Toronto.

I think it's an honour to be an All-Star in any sport, but the NBA contest is an opportunity for players to show their unique individuality in front of millions of fans around the world.

Always a pleasure!

Chuck Swirsky