Team Canada head coach Jay Triano responds to your trickiest Ask JT question.

From Patrick in Truro, Nova Scotia:

Ray Allen
Want to shoot like Ray Allen? Try JT's favourite drill to hone your shooting skills.
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NBAE/Getty Images)

I was wondering what kinds of shooting drills you can do to improve your shooting while shooting by yourself. I find if I have someone to rebound I can shoot at game speed, but when by myself it is hard to get as many shots up at game speed.

Jay Triano:

I have a drill where I ask the players to pick four spots on the floor: right baseline, left baseline, right elbow, and left elbow; all spots about 18 feet away from the hoop. Shoot 25 shots from spot A, and rebound your own shot. Run after each rebound and return to the spot as fast as you can, and shoot it as fast as you can. After 25 shots you are exhausted . . . these are game shots. Rest between each group of 25 by shooting 10 free throws. This takes 20 minutes and if you do it everyday, you will get in great shape and learn how to shoot game shots.

Note: when you run to the spot, turn into the shot from different sides, and sometimes throw the ball to the spot with a little back spin and turn into it. Good shooting!

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