Antonio Davis
The Raptors' Antonio Davis is a well-conditioned player. (Fernando Medina/
NBAE/Getty Images)

Team Canada head coach Jay Triano responds to your trickiest Ask JT question.

From Margaret in Markham, ON:

Hey JT! I was talking to Basketball U and they told me to come to you. My question is what are your best tips for conditioning. I know you can skip, and run, and all the basic exercises, but what would really help me?

Jay Triano:

The best conditioning for the game of basketball is the game of basketball. Play as much as you can and stay on the floor as much as you can. Play at both ends, run the floor hard all the time. If you do get bumped from a pickup game, run on the side while you are waiting to get back in. Basketball is aerobic and anaerobic, so running and skipping are good along with wind sprints.