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Michael Jordan
The Wizards will make the playoffs . . . ALAKAZAM!
-- Mike, Winnipeg, MB

Jordan's answer to the question, how many times are you going to retire and then come back?
-- Carlo, Toronto, ON

After much consideration, Michael Jordan decides to retire from the game of basketball to pursue another career: as a mime.
-- Gavin, Estevan, SK

The Force is with you, Wizards!
-- cocobeware, Timmins, ON

Wax on, wax off.
-- Jonathan, Toronto, ON

Live long and prosper!
-- Derek, Victoria, BC

Dum da da dum da da dum da da da da . . . Heeyyyy Macarena!!!
-- Ashley Coutinho, Toronto, ON

Five . . . yeah, I think five more rings oughta do it!
-- shabbaz, Montreal, PQ

Talk to the hand, cuz the face doesn't wanna hear it!!
-- Randelle, East St. Paul, MB

Don't worry fans, I've got at least five more decades of playing ability left in me yet!
-- Xuana C, Surrey, BC