Toronto Raptors radio voice Chuck Swirsky gives the skinny on his favourite NBA nicknames.

Air Canada
I gave Vince Carter this nickname because it best describes his presence in the air and his representation of our country!

When Dell Curry knocks down threes they're as smooth as butter so I call them "Butterballs".

Basketball U Some other favourites:
"Human Eraser", the nickname of former Knicks, Nuggets and Sonics player Marvin Webster
Pete Maravich's moniker "Pistol Pete" -- what a release!
Jerry West "Mr. Clutch" -- enough said!
Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain
Karl Malone "The Mailman"
Earvin Johnson's nickname "Magic" -- right on target!
Allen Iverson, "The Answer" -- and he is!