Toronto Raptors radio voice Chuck Swirsky offers his two cents on the halfcourt offence.

In a halfcourt set the importance of execution is vital. The ability to have an intelligent, skillful, play-making guard is crucial to the mix. It's the point guard that will determine who receives the ball and with how much time left to run a particular play. If the guard, who is standing at the top of the circle, senses that a wing player who is isolating and beating his opponent off the dribble is the best option, he'll call that particular play. However, based on what the defence gives you, there are plays that can have two or perhaps three options.

Basketball U When a player sets a screen, that player must have the ability to slash on a pick-and-roll and get to the spot on the floor to receive a pass to complete the play.

The more skilled athletes you have on the floor the better. In the NBA, if you can create off the dribble and beat a player off the bounce you've won the battle. The key is that you have to finish it with an assist or make a field goal.

Some coaches want the big centre to be the go-to guy, but, unless we're talking about Shaq, I'll take a smart play-making guard to run the offence any day of the week.