Jay Triano
Jay Triano, head coach of Canada's Men's National Basketball team, responds to your trickiest Ask JT question.

From Charles in Richmond, BC:
I am a fan of basketball and I wonder how I can develop shooting skills and jumping ability. I hope you will answer my question. Best regards.

Jay Triano:
The best way to become a better shooter is to practice, practice, and then practice some more. I do not know of a good shooter who did not spend hours after hours in a gym practicing. Building a good shot with proper form is important: elbow straight, elbow lift, and follow-through. It is also better to practice game shots. Practice shooting the ball quick, shooting the ball tired, shooting the ball with a different arc, and shooting the ball moving left or right.

The practice of plyometrics will help you with your jumping. Leg strength and quick muscle reaction will help you jump better. Ironically enough, jumping, jumping and more jumping will help you become a better jumper. Good luck with both. One final note: as you get older the ability to jump will disappear, but you will have the jump shot forever.