Jay Triano
Jay Triano, head coach of Canada's Men's National Basketball team, responds to your trickiest Ask JT question.

From Mohamed in Etobicoke, ON:
Why is it easier to get a basketball scholarship in the US than it is here in Canada? Many of my friends went south of the border and accomplished their dreams. Despite the competition they told me it is a lot easier to make it in the States. How come?

Jay Triano:
First of all, not too many Canadian schools offer basketball scholarships. Simon Fraser in BC may be the only one and they may not next year if they are in the CIAU. So it becomes difficult to stay in Canada and play basketball on a scholarship unless you are very smart and can get an academic scholarship as well. There are so many schools in the US from NCAA division 1 to NCAA division 2 and 3, and NAIA schools and colleges that recognize and reward excellence in athletics. In Canada we do not do this yet and that is why we lose so many players to the US.