Jay Triano Triano
Team Canada head coach Jay Triano responds to your trickiest Ask JT question.

From Tim in Ancaster, ON:
Hey JT. Some of us have lots of skills but in games we're too nervous to show them. What can I do to hide my fear?

Jay Triano:
The best thing to do is to focus on doing things in practice at full speed and at the highest intensity. A game should be the same if you focus on the skills involved. By practicing at full speed, the game will be a carry-over of everything you do in intense practice. It's like walking on a balance beam that is on the ground. It's easy. Put the same balance beam 50 feet in the air and walk across it. Now it's tough, because you are worried about falling and looking at the ground wondering what might happen. You think about everything except the beam. Focus on the process.