Jay Triano Triano
Team Canada head coach Jay Triano responds to your trickiest Ask JT question.

From Yves in Montreal, PQ:
What can I do to jump as high as NBA stars? Do I need special training?

Jay Triano:
The best way to jump better is to continually jump. There are exercises that you can do, such as plyometrics and specific weight training, to build leg strength. The other thing that helps people be able to jump is genetics.

I have seen too many players try to jump and dunk, dunk, dunk. If those players worked on their shooting or ball handling as much as they did jumping, they would be great players. A few inches on your vertical will help, but don't waste lots of time jumping. Instead of fighting genetics, work on something that will improve your game more than two inches on a vertical. Remember, NBA great Larry Bird was not an exceptional jumper.