Jay Triano Triano
Jay Triano, head coach of the Canadian Men's National Basketball team, responds to your toughest Ask JT question.

From Matt in Vancouver, BC:
I play basketball every day, but I've been wondering what a good height for a hoop is. I use a hoop that is eight-feet tall but is that high enough? In the NBA they use 10-foot hoops, but I'm only 10 years old. What height of hoop should I use?

Jay Triano:
When you can shoot a free throw on a 10-foot hoop, it is time to get rid of the eight-footer. Your question is very good, and I believe that form and developing good form is more important than trying to shoot the ball from long distance. You will eventually be able to reach from outside later, but use a shorter hoop to develop the proper form and build your confidence. Very few players should shoot from outside the free throw line at your age, so if you can reach from the free throw line on a 10-footer you are ready for the legal height.