Jay Triano Triano
Team Canada head coach Jay Triano responds to your trickiest Ask JT question.

From Inderjit in Vancouver, BC:
I'm a 5-11 power forward who hasn't grown for a while, and is okay on perimeter defence. What can I do to improve on perimeter defence and all around defence?

Jay Triano:
Defence is desire and hard work. On the ball, off the ball, there is no relaxing. Work on your lateral movement. Know your opponent. Does he like to go left, right? Be smart, challenge every shot. Block out, rebound. Remember the defensive possession is not over until you get the rebound. I am a true believer that individual players can help by not allowing open shots or penetration, but defence is a team thing. You need to have help, you need communication, and just like running plays on offence, you need to know what your teammates are doing on every play. Good luck.