September 7-12, 2005

Johannesburg, South Africa


Sept. 11-

Justin B, New Orleans
What are your goals, individually and for the team?
I want to continue to develop my game so that I become a player that my teammates can rely on. I want to get more playing time an grow within this team. We should have a great season this season.

Hi, Maciej, Congratulations on being the first Polish player drafted in the NBA. I am from Poland but i live in Australia and I was just wondering how you will help more Polish ballers make the NBA and what skills are they laking that there isnt many Polish players in the NBA like Croatians and Russians? Thanks and good luck with your career, Piotr
I think that the talent in Poland is very good especially at a young age. The problem is that as they grow older there are not a lot of coaches who can develop this talent and help them grow as basketball players. People leave Poland quickly go to bigger teams. Me, I will start my camp there next year and hopefully get involved with a basketball school out there and help other Polish players be successful.

How far do you think your personal career will go with the Hornets and how do you see your self turning out in the long run?
You never know, sometimes it takes a little while to establish yourself on a team, especially as im only 20 years old. I have a lot of options - I just want to get more playing time and to develop into a player that the team can rely on. I like it here and I hope to be with the Hornets for a long time.

Why did you refuse to play for national polish team this year?
It wasn’t really a refusal. The last time I wanted to play with them it wasn’t handled very well, I’m not saying anything bad about them, but the organization was bad. I felt like I missed out on my workouts and my game and that’s what is first in my mind. I would love to play for them in the future, but this was an important year for me, staying in the States.

Maciej Lampe (Catherine Steenkeste/NBAE/Getty)

Tjena maciej!!I´m gonna wrte this letter in english,even if i know u can speek swedish!I wonder,whats the biggest different between Europe and NBA?
It’s a different type of basketball, its more physical, slightly different rules, its more of a showcase basketball. Players are faster and stronger and they’re the best players in the world. Basketball is basketball.

Is it true that you used play in Sweden as a youngster? I think I saw you once in a youth tournamet called Scania cup which is held in Södertälje near stockholm. could this be correct?
Yes I used to when I was younger - its like on of the biggest tournaments in Scandinavia with all the best teams from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Demark that come in and play - yeah, that was me!

As a swedish basketball fan I've actually seen you play in games way before you got drafted to the NBA. We actually played for the same team, Alvik. But I played in a younger age group team than you. I was wondering what you favourite basketball memory was here in Sweden?
My favorite memory would be wining the Scania King. Its the MVP award for the Scania Cup and I won it two years in a row.

Los Angeles
What's it like coming from another country to a marquee team like the Knicks playing in a cosmopolitan city like New York only to find yourself in more regional locales like Phoenix and now New Orleans? What is the hardest adjustment? Best wishes for your career! If you keep working hard, I think your'e going to be one of the 'great ones.'
Its not different from going to any other team, there are a lot of French people in New Orleans I guess but its like playing for any other team, a team is a team, it doesn’t matter where you come from its what you do on the court that counts. We have other foreign players on the team that have had to make the adjustment just like me; Bostjan Nachbar and we had a Brazilian kid working out with us too. Thanks for the kind words.

Finally, do you have a message to the people of New Orleans?
Why it’s happened, its happened, u cant really change that now but the people in New Orleans are very humble and strong. Everyone will come together and we will be able to rebuild this wonderful city.