Basketball without Borders Africa brought together 100 players from more than 20 countries across the continent for basketball instruction and competition at Johannesburg, South Africa on September 7-12.

Houston Rockets center and Congo native Dikembe Mutombo led a contingent of current and former NBA players and team personnel acting as camp coaches. Joining Mutombo at the camp were Hornets forward Maciej Lampe, Knicks forward Jerome Williams, Clippers center Mamadou N'diaye, Nuggets center forward Marcus Camby, Pistons forward Darvin Ham and Suns forward Jim Jackson. Mark West's journal from South Africa

Sept. 11-12: Camp Wraps Up

Members of the BWB - Africa group met Nelson Mandela.
Catherine Steenkeste/NBAE/Getty Images

NBA players and other members of the Basketball without Borders delegation had the opportunity to meet civil rights leader Nelson Mandela as the camp wrapped up. The campers got to take part in several events, including an all-star game and a slam dunk contest.

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  • Day Five Recap: Final games and goodbyes
  • Sept. 11-12 photo gallery: Educating the youth

    Sept. 10: Ithuteng Trust

    NBA players stand for a picture at the Ithuteng Trust Event.
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    Basketball without Borders - Africa coaches Marcus Camby, Jerome Williams, Maciej Lampe, Darvin Ham and Jimmy Jackson spent Saturday giving their insight in workshops outlining why HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention is so important.

  • Day Four Recap: An emotional day
  • Day Four photo gallery: Educating the youth
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  • Lampe Q & A

    The Junk Yard Dog Blog

    Jerome Williams played nine seasons in the NBA with the Pistons, Raptors, Bulls and Knicks before retiring this summer. Nicknamed "Junk Yard Dog" after the pro wrestler who competed under that alias in the 1980s, the tenacious rebounder and defender is presently participating in the NBA's Basketball without Borders Africa event and will blog with his thoughts from Johannesburg.
    Sept. 12: A Part of Their Family

    Sept. 9: Soweto & Player Diaries

    Campers at Basketball Without Borders - Africa talk about being taken under the wing of NBA players:

  • Day Three Recap: HIV/AIDS awareness
  • Video Diary 1 | Video Diary 2
  • Marcus Camby's diary

    Sept. 8: Apartheid Museum

    NBA players saw a glimpse of South Africa's past.
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    Basketball without Borders - Africa coaches Marcus Camby, Jerome Williams, Maciej Lampe, Darvin Ham and Jimmy Jackson spent Tuesday morning visiting South Africa’s Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg. “It was an amazing experience,” said Lampe, “it’s hard to put into words how powerful it was.” The players viewed short films, photographs and artwork designed to educate South Africans and out of towners alike on the history of apartheid. All of the attendees were impressed with the informative nature of the visit and the museum itself. “The more knowledge you have the more you can relate to kids and teach them from all different angles,” said Williams, “it was a great experience.”

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  • Day Two photo gallery: Getting to work

    Sept. 7: Welcome!

    Dikembe Mutombo received a hero's welcome.
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    Basketball without Borders - Africa kicked with campers getting get registered, meeting the NBA players who came over to coach them and getting a chance to display their skills on the court.

  • Campers came from all over Africa but all shared an interest to learn the game from NBA players.

  • The trip also served as a wakeup call for many of the NBA players who caught a glimpse of differences between life in Africa and life in the United States.

  • Day 1 photo gallery: Johannesburg arrival

    Global Mailboxes

    Maciej Lampe (NBAE Images)

    As part of the Basketball without Borders event, we will schedule interviews with the camp coaches when available.

    Currently, we have Maciej Lampe taking mailbox questions from fans:
    -- Maciej Lampe

    Send us your questions and we will direct them to the players listed above. Be creative and have fun with your questions.

    Camp Format

    1. Players will be divided into 10 teams (Bulls, Cavaliers, Clippers, Grizzlies, Hawks, Hornets, Lakers, Nuggets, Rockets and Trail Blazers)

    2. Each team will be coached by a FIBA/ NBA player or a FIBA/ NBA coach.

    3. There will be daily clinics in the morning to teach fundamentals (passing, shooting, dribbling, one-on-one moves, offense, defense, etc.)

    4. Each pre-determined team will have designated time to practice their camp offense.

    5. Games will be scheduled for the afternoons and evenings.

    6. Individual and/or team shooting games will be incorporated into the daily schedule and be played for FIBA/ NBA prizes.

    7. All participating players will be outfitted with Reebok apparel and given a Reebok gym bag containing mesh practice gear, shoes and socks.

  • Johannesburg, South Africa
    American International
    School of Johannesburg
    September 7-12


    Maciej Lampe
    Poland • New Orleans Hornets

    Jerome Williams
    USA • New York Knicks

    Marcus Camby
    USA • Denver Nuggets

    Dikembe Mutombo
    Congo • Houston Rockets

    Mamadou N’diaye
    Senegal • LA Clippers

    Jim Jackson
    USA • Phoenix Suns

    Darvin Ham
    USA • Detroit Pistons