September 7-12, 2005

Johannesburg, South Africa


Day 2 began early for the campers, and by 08h30 they were all seated in the AISJ auditorium for the first of the daily Life Skills seminars. Today’s seminar focused on the camp orientation and overview.

The morning session began with a press conference and a group photo of all 106 campers, before breaking into the first of the daily stretching sessions lead by Alex English and the NBA players. Next on the schedule were the morning skills sessions – with a total of 10 different stations covering all of the fundamentals of the game the campers had their first taste of things to come. From rebounding (‘box out!’), to defense (‘never loose sight of the ball’), the young campers were shown first hand by the NBA’s best what they need to do to develop their game.

With the NBA Coaches having conducted the draft the previous night, the campers were then put into their designated teams – Suns, Trailblazers, Rockets, Cavaliers, Lakers, Mavericks, Spurs, Hornets, Raptors and Nuggets. After lunch the teams had their first practice to go over team defense and offense before breaking into the games, scheduled for each afternoon.

As Edward Bongomin, 18 from Uganda said, ‘This is an amazing experience; I have met my new teammates from Cameroon, Senegal, and Egypt. This is so great. I didn’t play so well today, but I think it is because we all need to adjust to our new teammates. I like the weather here, its cooler for me.’

Day 2 photo gallery: Getting to work