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Bulls visit President Obama at White House

Derrick Rose and teammates visited with the President in the White House's Blue Room.

Bulls visit President Obama at White House

President Barack Obama’s day began with a discussion on the fiscal year budget of 2010. And no, his remarks did not touch on the impending free agency of LeBron James or Dwyane Wade.

His daily briefing with senior advisors in the Oval Office followed, as did a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus in the State Dining Room, and eventually, a get together with Vice President Biden and Secretary of State Clinton.

Before the afternoon ended, though, President Obama found time to say hello to some special guests from his hometown, as the Chicago Bulls team visited with him in the Blue Room of the White House on Thursday afternoon.

“It was crazy just being here,” Bulls guard Derrick Rose said just before leaving the grounds. “I’ve never had the chance to be at the White House, but the President gave us the opportunity to come so that’s what we did. I was nervous just to stand next to him, but then for someone like him to even know my name was just amazing.”

Rose said that the visit, which included a tour of the White House, was one he’ll always remember. Along with his teammates, he was able to personally meet President Obama, have a brief discussion with him, and pose for photos.

“He knew just about everyone on our team and you could tell he’s a real Bulls fan,” Rose said.

The 20-year old rookie said he’s taken on a new interest in politics since Obama’s historic campaign and election.

“I’m definitely reading the papers and online more often, and my Mom calls me a lot to talk about politics,” Rose explained. “She’s trying to make me more aware and involved, knowing that it will be good for me to really know what’s going on in the world.”

Already a role model himself, Rose said that the example President Obama—a fellow Chicagoan—sets is one that he constantly tries to follow.

“He gives you hope,” Rose said. “Just like no one thought he would become President, no one thought that I could grow up and become the first pick in the draft. I think it gives people everywhere a little extra hope.”

"The opportunity to visit President Obama at the White House is a great honor for the Chicago Bulls organization," stated Steve Schanwald, Executive Vice President of Business Operations for the team, prior to the meeting. "The President has been a fan of the Bulls for many years and we are very appreciative of this opportunity to say hello to him and pay our respects."