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Download and install the Bulls BenefitBar | FAQ | CharitaBulls

The Bulls have created a free browser toolbar for fans to install. Get up-to-date scrolling news about the Bulls, links to information here on Bulls.com, quick links for tickets and a Yahoo! search box.

Best of all, every time you use Yahoo! search via the toolbar, you help support CharitaBulls, the Bullsí non-profit organization. Through CharitaBulls, the Bulls actively support and create recreational, educational and social opportunities for those less fortunate.

  • Browsers: Internet Explorer (ver. 6.0 or later) or Firefox

  • Operating Systems: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Mac OS X (Firefox only for Macs)

  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Click here to go to the install page.

  • Review the toolbar Terms of Use, and click "I Agree".

  • The installation instructions will guide you through the download.
Frequently Asked Questions:

My toolbar is missing. How do I make it appear?

1. If you installed the toolbar but your browser looks the same as before...

Make sure you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) or Mozilla Firefox. Go to the View menu at the top of your browser and select Toolbars. The BenefitBar you installed should be listed there. Select it so that it shows a check mark.

If it's not listed, it may not have installed properly. Please follow the download instructions again.

2. If Chicago Bulls BenefitBar is checked, but it still doesn't appear...

A. If you are using IE 6.0, verify that third-party browser extensions have been enabled. To check this setting, select Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Enable third party browser extensions.

B. Unlock your Internet Explorer toolbars and move them to different positions. The BenefitBar may have been pushed to the edge of the screen by another toolbar. Click on the View tab, select the category toolbars and then un-check the option Lock the toolbars. To move each toolbar around, place your cursor on the left edge of the bar and drag it to a new location.

C. Look for two black arrows (the arrows appear like this: >>) on the far right-hand side of your browser's address bar or toolbar area. If you see the arrows, click on them to make the toolbar appear. To move the toolbar into full view, please see the instructions above in step 3.

D. Uninstall and reinstall the BenefitBar. To uninstall the toolbar, click on the Windows Start menu in the lower left-hand corner of your screen. Then select Settings > Control Panel and then Add or Remove Programs. Find BenefitBar and click the Remove button. Finally, reboot your computer and reinstall the toolbar by visiting the organizations homepage.

I saw the toolbar at some point, but now it's gone.

This problem may be caused by other malicious software that may be installed on your computer (the Bulls BenefitBar does not install any malicious software or adware). Please clean your system. You may have to re-install your toolbar.

How do I uninstall the toolbar?

You can always uninstall by either using the standard Add/Remove Programs function provided in the Windows control panel, easily accessible from the Windows Start menu. You can also easily hide the toolbar by going to the View menu at the top of the Browser, selecting Toolbars, then un-check Bulls BenefitBar. The Bulls BenefitBar can be turned on and off this way at any time.

After installing the Benefitbar, I receive a Runtime error when I try to open Internet Explorer.

We're sorry you experienced this problem. We would greatly appreciate your assistance. Please contact Benefit Bar Support with your concern.

Does this include spyware?

Absolutely not!

What is the cost?

This tool is free for all Bulls fans.

Do you have additional concerns?

If you are experiencing any problems or have a question about the Bulls BenefitBar that is not covered in our online help then feel free to e-mail support@benefitbar.com.

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