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Chuck Checks In: Chicago | June 9, 2008

Doug Collins Doug Collins won’t be returning as the Bulls’ next head coach, but fans should expect a quality man to take over the job as early as this week.
(Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images)
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    Posted by Chuck Swirsky | 06.09.08 | 10:32 a.m. CT

    By mutual agreement, the Bulls and Doug Collins agreed on Friday that in the best interest of both parties, the Bulls will look elsewhere for a new head coach.

    The sky is not falling. I understand the fans' frustration, but the Bulls will move on and will hire a solid individual to lead them. Collins is an excellent basketball man, one of the best I have ever been around, but there are quality people in the NBA and the Bulls will do their homework and perhaps announce a new coach this week.

    Other NBA notes…

    Give credit to the Boston Celtics and another reason why teams should always do their homework on second round picks, i.e. Leon Powe. But the discrepancy in free throw attempts in Game 2 was ridiculous.

    Congrats to Terry Porter, a good guy who takes over a Suns team that realizes its window of opportunity is closing. Suns GM Steve Kerr and Porter were teammates with the Spurs. One thing Porter's going to learn is that Phoenix isn't Milwaukee. Suns fans expect at least a 50-win season and a deep ride in the playoffs.

    I would expect some time this week Michael Curry will be named head coach of the Pistons.

    One of the good people in sports athletic training, Steve Stricker, has resurfaced in Charlotte, re-joining Michael Jordan.

    The Carmelo Anthony trade rumors that are out there make for great conversation. If the Nuggets trade Anthony, it will be a blockbuster. Make that a MAJOR blockbuster.

    Ron Artest tells the New York Daily News of his interest in playing for the hometown Knicks. Would he accept a pay cut by opting out of his deal with the Kings? It's one thing to think it and say it… it's another to do it.

    Memphis owner Michael Heisley has every right to be upset if he feels he's been misquoted regarding his relationship with his GM Chris Wallace. Memphis needs to hit a home run this off season with a solid draft pick (5th) and a trade or two. It wouldn't surprise me if the Grizz dealt it's lottery pick.

    To the CCI mailbag…

    Rex from Rochester, NY: Your take please on Donte Green.

    Chuck: Low lottery pick perhaps may slip to the 16-20 range. Loves to shoot the three rock. Extremely athletic, but still learning how to play the game.

    Sara from Arlington Heights, IL: I am a twenty-nine year old business woman in Chicago and absolutely love the Bulls. I think it's great that you answer questions from the fans. Will you do this in the regular season?

    Chuck: Once pre-season games begin I'll log every day. I answer every e-mail I receive. That's a fact. I'm hoping Bill Wennington and I can incorporate a few e-mails during the broadcasts as well.

    J.P. from Harvey, IL: I'm delighted you're a part of the Bulls broadcast team. With you on radio and Neil on TV I am fired up about the season. Are you predicting 50 wins?

    Chuck: 50 wins? Wow. I'm out of the prediction business. Honest. How many of us thought the Bulls would win only 33 games this past season?

    Tim from Indianapolis: Chuck, I know you're an employee of the Bulls but let's get real. The Bulls blew it with Mike D'Antoni and Doug Collins.

    Chuck: D'Antoni promised the Bulls a second interview and didn't deliver on his word. So be it; you move on. I wish him well in NY. I think he made the wrong choice but that's just my opinion. Regarding Collins, he is a superb coach but both Collins and Jerry Reinsdorf came to the conclusion—a conversation initiated by Doug—that it probably wasn't to be if there were any misgivings on either part.

    T.J. from Baltimore: If you could change one stat, in the NBA what would it be?

    Chuck: If player A passes the ball to Player B , who is fouled in the act of shooting by the opposing team, and player B scores points off free throws, I think player A should be given an assist on the play. Did I confuse you? If so, my bad!

    Michael from Lockport, IL: How long have you been broadcasting NBA games?

    Chuck: I called Raptors' games for ten seasons. The first three years on radio followed by seven seasons on TV. Before the NBA I called the play by play for DePaul and Michigan.

    Gary from Lincoln, Nebraska: Chuck, any time you want to check out the "Big Red" you let me know. What conference do you follow?

    Chuck: I am a graduate of Ohio University so I will always have a place in my heart for the Mid American Conference. Broadcasting Michigan basketball for four seasons opened up a whole new world for me at the Big 10 level. I loved the intensity of the coaches, players and fans in the respective college markets.

    Marvin in Rockford, IL: I met you a long time ago at a pre-season game here. Didn't the Bulls always have a game in Rockford?

    Chuck: I vaguely remember attending a Bulls exhibition game in your city but I forget the opponent. That has to be over twenty years ago.

    Raymond from Coos Bay, OR: Chuck, love the Bulls and love CCI: Chicago. You've been invited to dinner with three basketball men that have no association with the Bulls. Name your company.

    Chuck: David Stern, Charles Barkley and David Robinson.

    Hank from North Charleston, South Carolina: When you called Raptors' games did you have a chance to talk ball with Alex English?

    Chuck: I can see you must be a Gamecocks fan. Alex is a class, class act. He's a man of dignity, grace and character and can talk plenty of ball. I'm surprised South Carolina didn't dial him up when they had a coaching vacancy this off season.

    Carl from Sioux City, Iowa: Will the Bulls trade Kirk Hinrich?

    Chuck: My policy is I never discuss trades involving the Bulls. John Paxson is the man making those decisions. My standard line is the same it's been for twenty plus years—anyone can be traded. It's a game but a business as well. If you can improve your team, you consider all options.

    Seja from Toronto: Chuck, I miss your daily blog on raptors.com but I am glad to see you're writing on the Bulls web site. I really think the two teams could hook up in one "sick, wicked and nasty" trade.

    Chuck: You never say never and listen to everyone. I do believe the Raps will attempt to upgrade their wing position and add grit to their front line. Bryan Colangelo is a tremendous basketball executive and has the respect of everyone in the NBA.

    Brad from Chicago: Do you think the Central Division will have a major makeover for the 08-09 season?

    Chuck: Great question. Yes. Yes and.... yes! Let's look at the rumor mill. You know John Paxson won't stand pat with the Bulls. John Hammond, now running the show in Milwaukee, will be busy and Michael Redd may be packing his bags if you believe certain reports. Detroit is ready to rock and roll after they were eliminated by Boston. The Cavs desperately need a point guard. Jermaine O'Neal may be wearing a different uniform, as well as Jamaal Tinsley, as the Pacers look to shake things up. I can't wait to see what develops. If you don't like the NBA off-season, you're not a fan. Everyone can play the role of GM.

    Quick notes…

    Two weeks ago fans and certain members of the media were calling for Ozzie Guillen's job. Now the White Sox are ten games over.500 and lead the Central by 5 1/2 games. Baseball is a marathon.

    If the rumors are true regarding the Blackhawks hosting the Red Wings at Wrigley Field, it will be another brilliant move by Hawks President John McDonough.

    The Bears management team is facing some interesting times dealing with the future of Cedric Benson.

    I think it's become a mental block at the French Open for Roger Federer. Rafael Nadal has his number on clay and Federer knows it.

    Giants TE Jeremy Shockey has threatened not to report to training camp. Note to Shockey… the Giants won the Super Bowl without you. They're a better team with you but the world won't stop if you elect to miss camp.

    ESPN 's web site just got better with the addition of Rick Reilly.

    My thoughts go to the family of an ABC icon Jim McKay, who passed away Saturday at the age of 86. What an incredible communicator. Just a wonderful man and a class act.

    Thoughts on the Bulls/NBA? E-mail me at swirsk054@aol.com. Thank you for the response to CCI: Chicago. You are appreciated!

    Always a pleasure.