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Photos and Quotes | Bulls 113, Bobcats 106 | 04.11.09

Photos and Quotes | Recap | Box Score | Video Highlights: Play

Bulls 113, Charlotte Bobcats 106 | 04.11.09

Chicago Bulls
( 40 - 40 )

Vinny Del Negro
Del Negro
Quoting Bulls Head Coach Vinny Del Negro

“I thought we had our moments out there tonight. In the third quarter I thought we got a little stagnate; we didn't move the ball well. In the fourth quarter we did a nice job and penetration to the basket really helped. We were not as sharp in the first half. Felton and Augustin really bothered us. But the second half we changed our coverage and it helped.”

On Rose:
“He's becoming the quarterback more and more and I love to see it.”

On the road vs. home in the playoffs:
“When we get down on the road, we start rushing, we start making mistakes. When we're at home and down, you see grit and resilience. In this league, some times you get punched in the mouth, how are you going to respond to it? But I'm happy we're staying with games. We're getting wins and that's the bottom line. If we can control rebounds and focus on penetration, things will open up for us.”

On getting ready for the playoffs:
“We're not the first or second seeded team. We have a lot of work to do. That's why you respect the game, you respect the fans and you get to work. We have to go out and execute and guys have been doing that tremendously.”

Derrick Rose
Quoting Bulls Guard Derrick Rose

How's your wrist?
“It's feeling good, I'm icing it every day and it's coming along. It only affects me during games when I get hit. Otherwise it feels normal.”

On making the playoffs:
“It means a lot. I came from here. This being my rookie year, just to get my feet wet, it's big to me.”

On the team’s confidence level:
“It's real huge, just knowing we can go out and beat anybody, we just have to play hard enough. We just want to win, that's the whole thing. As long as everyone is playing good, we don't worry about losing right now.”

Ben Gordon
Quoting Bulls Guard Ben Gordon

“It just seems like we've been able to turn it up in the fourth quarter and really get rolling. Coming into the playoffs, we need to figure out how to play that well in the first half also. We just have to continue to play hard. We have to realize that when we get on the road we're not going to have the crowd to feed off of. We need to come out with intensity right away.”

On clinching a playoff spot:
“That was the first time I've clinched a playoff spot sitting on my couch at home. That was a really big game for us tonight. We know we're not as good as we need to be or where we want to be at. Our confidence is very high but we realize we have a lot of room for improvement.”

On the game against Detroit:
“It will be even a bigger game than tonight was. Hopefully we can go in and get a win and really make some noise. We just want to focus on playing good basketball and getting better with each game.”

Charlotte Bobcats
( 35 - 45 )

Larry Brown
Quoting Bobcats Head Coach Larry Brown

You controlled the game for three quarters—what happened?
“We gave away the ball like happens so often. I cannot explain it because it's not like we're being trapped or pressed. We just throw it all around. It has been a problem all year. That is the most disappointing. We lost one last night and we are out of the playoffs. I was so proud we came out and after getting down early we came out and competed. We got control of the game but we just didn't get anything and we threw the ball all over. We gave them easy opportunities. We only had a few turnovers in the first half and then 11 or 12 in the second half, most of them in the fourth quarter. We are trying to make plays for ourselves. That is the thing that cannot happen. Give them credit, they made shots. Gordon was on fire. One big play when we had a one point lead, we got a rebound and then tripped and John Salmons hit a big three. I think that was an omen.”

Boris Diaw
Quoting Bobcats Forward Boris Diaw

“It was a couple of tough days that we had especially at the end of the game. We started out pretty good. We have two games left. We just try to win every night. That has not changed. We are out of the playoffs but that does not matter. We have to come out every night. It is disappointing not to make the playoffs.”