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Photos and Quotes | Bulls 110, Knicks 103 | 04.07.09

Photos and Quotes | Recap | Box Score | Video Highlights: Play

Bulls 110, New York Knicks 103 | 04.07.09

Chicago Bulls
( 38 - 40 )

Vinny Del Negro
Del Negro
Quoting Bulls Head Coach Vinny Del Negro

“Another good win for us. In the first half, we were a little sloppy and gave up too many easy baskets. In the fourth quarter, our defense was the difference. We attacked off the dribble. But give New York credit, they made some tough shots. Kirk Hinrich was tremendous off the bench. He made some big baskets. He pushed the tempo and he shot the ball well. I was happy we were able to grind it out in the fourth quarter. We held them to 19 points and that was big because New York can score. We got stagnant offensively, but we made down the stretch when we had to.”

On winning a game with defense:
“It was nice to see us being aggressive. We made our rotations and our quickness of defense was better. When you win with defense, it makes your offense able to get into the attack mode. The Knicks are able to spread you out. David Lee is having a big year and Al Harrington really lit us up in the second half. They have a lot of ways to beat you and they put pressure on our defense.”

You were settling for outside shots:
“New York did a good job of clogging the middle and I think we were over dribbling. We found a way to grind it out and get a win. We had some big steals down the stretch and making shots always helps.”

John Salmons
Quoting Bulls Guard John Salmons

On their fourth quarter defense:
“We buckled down, we got some stops and we got out on the break a little bit. Lately we've been winning a lot of games like that. In second halves, we've been getting some stops that has helped us win some games. It hasn't always been pretty and probably won't be pretty.”

On getting closer to a playoff spot:
“We definitely want to lock down one of the playoff spots as soon as possible and move up as many spots as possible.”

On their play at home:
“Winning at home definitely helps with confidence. But, at the same time, you can't take it for granted.”

Kirk Hinrich
Quoting Bulls Guard Kirk Hinrich

On their fourth quarter defense:
“It was encouraging. The last four or five minutes of the game it's important to get good shots, but it's also important to get stops. We were just attacking on defense, getting the ball out quickly on the break and guys were just making plays. We definitely have to continue to play better defense as we move towards the playoffs.”

Would you rather lock up a playoff spot sooner rather than later:
“I think so, but more importantly we have to start building our playoff mentality. We have some guys who haven't played with us a lot and we need to continue to work to create a playoff mindset.”

New York Knicks
( 30 - 48 )

Mike D'Antoni
Quoting Knicks Head Coach Mike D'Antoni

“First half was really good. Second half we played well in spurts, but we had about 13 turnovers in the second half and that doomed us. We had a stretch where we tried to feed the post and I told them we were in the blue shirts, not the whites. They kept throwing it to the [guys in the white jerseys]. I thought we played hard. Wilson was outstanding. He continues to get better on both offense and defense, everything. He was really good tonight.”

What did the Bulls do differently in the second half?
“To be honest, nothing. We just threw the ball to them. There were some post feeds in there that were awful. Maybe the Bulls played a little harder, I doubt it. It seemed like they played hard the whole game. I just felt we turned it over, even without them being forced errors. It was just not real good basketball plays. Again, I thought we played pretty well.”

Chris Duhon
Quoting Knicks Guard Chris Duhon

“They did a great job of knocking down the shots when they counted. There was a big stretch where we turned the ball over maybe three or four times consecutively. It kind of got us out of a rhythm. We played hard but they just made plays at the end. They did a good job of making it difficult for us to get it to them in the post. We were trying to exploit them this way. Our low-post game was kind of working but sometimes when you focus on that too long you just start to force things that you shouldn't force.”