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Photos and Quotes | Bulls 106, Heat 87 | 03.26.09

Photos and Quotes | Recap | Box Score | Video Highlights: Play

Bulls 106, Miami Heat 87 | 03.26.09

Chicago Bulls
( 35 - 38 )

Vinny Del Negro
Del Negro
Quoting Bulls Head Coach Vinny Del Negro

“In the first half, we played more their style and I did not like our energy or our approach to things. Dwyane Wade was picking us apart and he is just so difficult to contend with. We talked at halftime, our guys battled, and we got their shooting percentage down. We attacked the basket and had a big third quarter. We shared the basketball and everyone contributed. John Salmons was good off the dribble and Tyrus was good on the glass. Kirk Hinrich played another really solid game especially on the defensive end. When we got the lead, we went to a kind of two/three zone and we focused in on Dwyane Wade almost exclusively with almost a box and one- anything we could get away with. He is just so difficult to contend with especially when his jumper is going. I like the way we shared the ball tonight. We got to the free throw line better in the second half. I like our approach and our demeanor in finishing out the game.”

Derrick Rose
Quoting Bulls Guard Derrick Rose

It appears you had no limitations in your game:
“I feel good; I had a lot of massages and therapy on it today. I got hit a few times, but you rub that stuff off and I will have time to recover.”

On the win:
“It felt good. They are a tough team. The coaches are doing a good job of preparing us and things are starting to come together.”

John Salmons
Quoting Bulls Guard John Salmons

On the game:
“We are playing well together. It was a good win for us.”

On coming out strong in the second half:
“Actually, the last three games we won in the second half. We were rebounding better and moving the ball better. When you move the ball and have balance, it's hard for a team—even a good team—to cover you.”

Tyrus Thomas
Quoting Bulls Forward Tyrus Thomas

Are you playing your best basketball as a professional?
“Right now, it's important for the team to have momentum going into the playoffs.”

Are you playing more confident?
“My confidence has always been there.”

Is this your best year as a pro?
“Statistically, yes.”

Miami Heat
( 38 - 34 )

Erik Spoelstra
Quoting Heat Head Coach Erik Spoelstra

“They just broke the game right open. They played extremely well offensively. Give them credit, they have some tough weapons. They can attack you off the dribble and then they got the lead up to six or eight. We cracked from there. It happened so quickly. We called a couple timeouts but they really exploded offensively, they played extremely well.”

Has this happened before to this team?
“We've had some tough games before this season. That was a tough third quarter. That happens in this league and we have to bounce back. We have an important game against Milwaukee on Saturday.”

Is this the effect of four games in five nights?
“I don't know. I don't like to point to that. They played extremely well. They had an incredible amount of speed and energy.”

Is the team down because of this?
“There are a lot of guys in that locker room who care. Everybody was extremely upset about last night and guys were really focused today. We came out with the right mindset. The Bulls played a heck of a ballgame. They exploded there in the third quarter. Our resiliency in that quarter is not indicative of who we've been for the entire year. Usually we've been able to bounce back and mentally hold our own. We've been a resilient team.”

Dwyane Wade
Quoting Heat Guard Dwyane Wade

“We had some turnovers, it started with missing some free throws. They became the aggressors and then they got everything to go their way. I was just trying to come back and play better. I'm just disappointed that we lost. We were in the fight early on but that one quarter got away from us. That's more disappointing than anything. But we're a young team. We've been in every ballgame, we just haven't pulled them out. It's still up and down for this team.”