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NBA Draft 2006 | Prospect Previews | A - D

2006 NBA Draft Player Previews: Adams - Douby

Bulls Draft Central | Draft Prospect Profiles: A - D | F - O | P - Z

LaMarcus Aldridge One of the draft's top prospects, big man LaMarcus Aldridge averaged 15.0 ppg and 9.2 rpg as a sophomore at Texas.
(Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Hassan Adams – 6’4”, 200

NBA Position: Shooting Guard | College: Arizona / Senior
NBA Comparison: Bonzi Wells

Strengths: One of the top athletes in college basketball ... an absolute freak of nature ... jaw-dropping vertical leap … arguably the best dunker in the nation ... excels at the acrobatic play ... exceptional rebounder for his size ... plays bigger than his 6’4” frame ... hard worker … plays with intensity … great teammate … fearless in attacking the rim … has the tools to be a shut-down defender ... terrific open court player … phenomenal stamina ... never appears to breathe hard ... extremely coachable ... exciting upside.

Arron Afflalo – 6’5”, 210

NBA Position: Shooting Guard | College: UCLA / Sophomore
NBA Comparison: Ben Gordon

Strengths: A slashing off guard ... big-time scorer with a beautiful jumper … owns a great mid-range game … scores the bulk of his points from 13 to 18 feet ... added a reliable three-point shot as a sophomore … rarely forces the action ... not afraid to take the last shot … good passer ... has good size for a shooting guard … solid defender … an above-average athlete ... Afflalo has since withdrawn from consideration for NBA Draft 2006.

Maurice Ager – 6’4”, 200

NBA Position: Shooting Guard | College: Michigan State / Senior
NBA Comparison: Ricky Davis

Strengths: One of the most explosive athletes in the college game ... consistently raises his level of play in big games … great competitor ... excellent all-around scorer ... good outside shooter with a range out to the three-point arc ... creates well off the dribble with terrific ball-handling ability ... impressive one-on-one skills … has a nose for scoring ... exciting speed in the open floor ... aggressive player who gets to the line often and converts … outstanding rebounder for a guard … not afraid of contact ... long wingspan and good hands ... plays sound defense … hard worker who has shown steady improvement each year.

LaMarcus Aldridge – 6’11”, 245

NBA Position: Center / Power Forward | College: Texas / Sophomore
NBA Comparison: Channing Frye

Strengths: Considered by many to be the top big-man prospect in the Draft ... soft touch within 12 feet of the basket ... continues to work on expanding range … has good hands … firm knowledge and understanding of fundamentals … excels mainly on the offensive end … added close to 25 pounds of muscle between freshman and sophomore seasons, which made him a more confident player ... runs the floor especially well for a 7 footer ... good shot blocker, with long arms … should get a fair number of swats at the next level ... owns many effective post moves, including a go-to jump hook … has even developed an impressive sky hook … good at positioning under the basket ... shines on the offensive glass.

Hilton Armstrong – 6’11”, 240

NBA Position: Center | College: Connecticut / Senior
NBA Comparison: Kelvin Cato

Strengths: A legitimate 6'11” pivot with an enormous wingspan … big-time shot blocker … athletic and strong … runs the floor well for a big man …. plays mainly above the rim ... great hands … catches just about everything tossed his way and rebounds well ... solid passer out of the post … very good at put-backs and cleaning up the glass ... has the quickness to leave the paint and alter shots ... offensive game has vastly improved ... has developed a consistent mid-range jumper (12 feet and in) … will need to add weight and strength in order to survive long-term at the next level.

Ronnie Brewer As a junior at Arkansas, Ronnie Brewer averaged 18.4 ppg, 4.8 rpg and 3.3 apg.
(Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Andrea Bargnani – 6’11”, 240

NBA Position: Power Forward | Euro Team: Benetton Treviso / Hometown: Rome, Italy
NBA Comparison: Dirk Nowitzki

Strengths: Considered by many to be the best Euro player in the Draft … moves extremely well for a big man … has very quick feet … can get out on the break with the best of them ... quick and solid shot release … terrific at catch-and-shoot ... first-rate one-on-one player, who prefers to face the basket ... good shot-blocker ... impacts game tempo in a positive way ... looks to make plays.

Josh Boone – 6’10”, 240

NBA Position: Power Forward / Center
College: Connecticut / Junior
NBA Comparison: Joe Smith

Strengths: A long, explosive big man ... blue collar player … does the dirty work to help his team win ... plays hard … explosive leaper, with good timing and instincts on blocked shots ... giant wingspan gives him added size ... willing to fight for rebounds and hustles for loose balls ... has big strong hands—when he gets his hands on a rebound, it's his ... runs the floor very well—terrific at getting out in transition ... scores most of his points under the basket ... has a nice turnaround jump hook.

Ronnie Brewer – 6’7”, 220

NBA Position: Shooting Guard | College: Arkansas / Junior
NBA Comparison: Marquis Daniels

Strengths: An intriguing player with tremendous versatility ... capable of playing either shooting guard or point guard … a leader ... very unselfish … looks to involve teammates … however, can create off the dribble using an explosive first step ... has excellent court vision … has very strong frame … fast in the open floor ... long arms and quick hands make him a defensive nightmare ... terrific rebounder at the guard position ... aggressive defender ... anticipates extremely well and forces opponents into making plenty of mistakes ... has accurate shooting range out to college three ... has natural feel for the game ... father is former NBA player, Ron Brewer (Portland Trail Blazers – 7th overall pick – 1978 NBA Draft).

Denham Brown – 6’5”, 220

NBA Position: Shooting Guard | College: Connecticut / Senior
NBA Comparison: Kirk Snyder

Strengths: Shooting guard with solid all-around skills ... excellent scorer with underrated shooting ability ... unselfish, team player, very coachable ... great attitude, hard worker ... good decision maker ... plays under control … fundamentally sound ... not afraid to take the big shot with the game on the line … strong ... superb vision and passing skills for a shooting guard ... one-on-one skills have improved along with his ball-handling each season ... first-rate free-throw shooter ... stats are somewhat limited due to his playing at UConn with so many great players ... once scored 111 points in a high school game.

Shannon Brown – 6’3”, 200

NBA Position: Shooting Guard | College: Michigan State / Junior
NBA Comparison: Fred Jones

Strengths: A phenomenal athlete … built like a tank … explodes on the break … unbelievable leaping ability … a true highlight-film … a very capable ball-handler … consistent shooter with range … also a very solid defender when challenged … overall game has improved with each passing year … loves to attack the rim.

Shannon Brown Shannon Brown averaged 17.2 ppg, 4.4 rpg and 2.7 apg during his junior year at Michigan State.
(Brian Bahr/Getty Images)
Rodney Carney – 6’7” 205

NBA Position: Shooting Guard / Small Forward
College: Memphis / Senior
NBA Comparison: Richard Jefferson

Strengths: A highlight reel waiting to happen ... one of the most athletic players in college basketball … has enormous upside … long and lean … very versatile … great elevation on jumper, which has proven impossible to block … confident … poised … pesky defender … smothers opponents with long arms and quick feet … anticipates well and can play the passing lanes for steals ... can also get up and rebound … excellent speed and quickness.

Mardy Collins – 6’6”, 205

NBA Position: Combo Guard | College: Temple / Senior
NBA Comparison: Aaron McKie

Strengths: Has the ability to run the show from the point guard position ... very smooth offensive player ... plays under control … doesn't try to be flashy or make spectacular plays—keeps it simple and effective ... excellent court vision and passing skills ... solid shooting mechanics … good ball-handler ... solid defender … long arms help shut down passing lanes ... excellent at anticipating passes … a ball hawk ... terrific team player … durable—plays almost 40 minutes every game and rarely misses a start.

Paul Davis – 6’10”, 260

NBA Position: Power Forward / Center | College: Michigan State / Senior
NBA Comparison: Chris Mihm

Strengths: Fundamentally sound big man who is equally adept in the post or on the perimeter ... solid back to the basket game … crafty ... can also face up and shoot ... good feel for the game and his skills … uses good positioning to grab a nice share of rebounds ... a hard worker … very coachable … a player who understands his role … with time, should turn into a solid pro post player.

Guillermo Diaz – 6’3”, 190

NBA Position: Combo Guard | College: Miami / Junior
NBA Comparison: Damon Stoudamire meets Earl Watson

Strengths: Hands down, one of the most athletic guards in the Draft … exceptionally fast … improved outside shot and decision making as a junior … heart and desire are unmatched … fierce competitor whose toughness on the court has made many stand up and take notice … a little under the radar … sleeper pick … stock could rise in individual workouts.

Quincy Douby – 6’3”, 175

NBA Position: Shooting Guard | College: Rutgers / Junior
NBA Comparison: Steve Kerr

Strengths: A lights out 3-point shooter ... one of the top scorers on the college level (top scorer in the Big East Conference as a junior at 25.4 ppg) ... has a great feel for the offensive game ... effortless release on his shot ... excellent free-throw shooter ... game has shown steady improvement each year ... has gotten stronger, but still lacks bulk and strength ... has become adept at anticipating passes and making steals ... streaky shooter—but when he gets hot he is deadly ... has the ability to create.

Player profiles written by Anthony Hyde and Brett Ballantini.