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Bulls open to idea of relocating practice facility downtown

Team president/COO Michael Reinsdorf says that while no changes are imminent, the organization is exploring the idea of moving its practice facility closer to the United Center
Berto Center
The team’s practice facility is named after Sheri L. Berto, who was Bulls Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf’s long-time assistant and a favorite among everyone in the organization.

By Adam Fluck | 05.29.2012

The Bulls are entertaining the thought of moving their practice facility from Deerfield to a location near the United Center. During recent conversations, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel encouraged Bulls Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf to consider relocating the team’s practice facility to a downtown Chicago location. Since opening in September 1992, the Sheri L. Berto Center has hosted the majority of team practices, game day shootarounds and summer workouts. The building is also home to the Bulls’ coaching and basketball operations staff offices.

Berto Center The Chicago Bulls broke ground for the Sheri L. Berto Center on Oct. 21, 1991, and less than a year later the finest facility of its kind was up and running.

“While the Bulls are happy at the Berto Center, after talking to the Mayor, we agreed to give strong consideration to the idea of relocating our practice facility to downtown Chicago,” said Michael Reinsdorf, the team’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “At this point, nothing is imminent, but nothing is out of the question either. Right now, we are taking the appropriate time and measures to fully explore the idea.”

In addition to potentially enhancing the team’s administrative and business functions by decreasing the distance between its two main facilities, another potential benefit of a practice facility located downtown would be reduced commute time for the players on game days. The Berto Center is located approximately 25 miles north of the United Center, and currently on game days the players have to commute from the Berto to the United Center following mandatory shootarounds.

Reinsdorf added that such a project would be privately funded. Should the Bulls move their practice facility downtown, no decision has yet been made on what would become of the current Berto Center.

The Chicago Tribune first published a story over the weekend reporting the Bulls will consider a downtown location for its practice facility.

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