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Brewer ready to give the NBA his best shot

Lengthy guard averaged 18.4 ppg, 4.8 rpg and 3.3 apg as a junior at Arkansas

Bulls Draft Central
Brewer: College Profile | ESPN.com Profile

Ronnie Brewer

Most mock drafts project that Arkansas guard Ronnie Brewer will be a lottery to mid-first round selection in the 2006 NBA Draft on June 28.

Posted June 1, 2006

When Ronnie Brewer broke his right arm as a youngster on a water slide ride gone wrong, he never would have imagined that years later the story would still stick with him. The life-long result is an abnormal shot in which Brewer cannot fully extend his right arm—somewhat similar to Shawn Marion’s release—but if you think that is going to scare too many teams away from this 6-7, 220-pound guard on draft night, think again.

Brewer’s length, versatility, athleticism, and defensive proficiency more than make up for it. And, as Brewer points out, it’s the end result that matters more than anything. Following the former Arkansas star’s workout against Shannon Brown, Sean Dockery and David Noel at the Berto Center, he talked to Bulls.com about shutting down smaller guards, improving his long-range ability, and more as the June 28 NBA Draft approaches.

Bulls.com: How did you feel your workout went?
Ronnie Brewer: “I thought it went really well. I shot the ball really well and I also feel I did a good job with the one-on-one and two-on-two drills. I thought I defended really well. Overall, I’m very satisfied with how I worked out, but you can always get better.”

Bulls.com: How many workouts had you been to prior to this one?
Brewer: “This was only my second one. I plan on doing one more before the Pre-Draft Camp [June 6-10] and after that, it’s going to pick up a little more.”

Bulls.com: How would you compare your workout with the Bulls to the one you already had?
Brewer: “It was a tough one. The Bulls work you pretty hard so it was tough, but you’ve got no choice but to compete out there. I enjoyed it.”

Bulls.com: One of your strengths is that your height and long arms allow you to be a very aggressive defender. How do your size to your advantage on the defensive end of the court?
Brewer: “My size and my long arms definitely help me out a lot. Being athletic, tall, and long helps you against both smaller and taller guards, even quicker guards. The fact that I am a bigger guard really helps me out when I’m defending, especially when I’m out on the perimeter.”

Bulls.com: Your long-range shooting seems to be an area in need of improvement. How have you gone about working on your three-point shooting?
Brewer: “It’s all about repetition. You’ve got to shoot the ball a lot to make your shot as consistent as it can be. Once you do that, it’ll start to go in. The more reps you put in, the more consistent you’ll be, and that is what it is all about in the NBA—being consistent and able to knock down tough shots.”

Bulls.com: You’ve got an unorthodox shot, but you don’t see that being a problem in the NBA.
Brewer: “No, not at all. There have been a lot of great shooters who have had unorthodox shots and they’ve been OK as long as the ball goes in. Michael Redd is a good example. He’s kind of got a funny little shot but it goes in and he’s one of the best shooters in the NBA. I think as long as I work on it and make it consistent, the end result is all that matters.”

Bulls.com: Do you see yourself mainly as a point guard in the NBA or do you feel you’re better suited to play at shooting guard?
Brewer: “I think I’ll be able to play a little of both. I’ve got the size to guard some guys at the [small forward position], and I’m trying to get stronger to do just that. My quickness is going to get better and better and that will help me play the one or the two. Hopefully I’ll be able to play the three as well, and teams will view that as a big advantage.”

Bulls.com: How do you think you’d fit in with this Bulls team?
Brewer: “I think that I’d fit in really well. They’re a young team and they like to push the ball. Everyone is saying that they need a big guard, so hopefully I’d be able to step in and help the team take it to the next level.”

Bulls.com: Have you paid much attention to where the mock drafts say you’ll be selected?
Brewer: “I really don’t pay attention to the mock drafts because the people that put them together aren’t the ones who are working you out or bringing you in. They don’t have the final say of where I’m going to get picked. I’m the only one who can determine how I play in the workouts, so that’s where my focus has been.”

Bulls.com: You probably hope to be drafted by the time the Bulls select at 16, but if you’re available, how would you view coming to Chicago?
Brewer: “It’s a great city. There’s a lot of tradition. There are great coaches and players here who are very young, so it’s a situation that has the potential to be a contender like they were in the past. So if I’m still out there, I’d be happy to come here. I think my style would fit right in. I hope to be picked in the low teens or earlier, but no matter what I’ve just got to keep working.”

— Adam Fluck | Bulls.com