Chicago Bulls Mascot

Da Bull Bio

Height: 6-0

Weight: 250 lbs.

Fur Color: Brown

Horn Tip Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Jersey Number: 95

Favorite Song: Sweet Home Chicago

Favorite Colors:
The Chicago Bulls colors, of course Ė red and black!

Favorite Movie: Bull Durham

Fun Facts:
Da Bull is Benny the Bullís cousin, and he made his first appearance at a Bulls game during the 1995-96 season. That is why his uniform number is 95.

Among Da Bullís many talents are tumbling, gymnastics, playing basketball, break dancing, reading, officiating basketball games, and most importantly, performing his signature slam dunks!

Da Bull does not have a tail like other Bulls. He lost his tail while practicing his amazing dunks at the United Center. By not having a tail, Da Bull has been able to perform even more slam dunks and tumbling because his long, skinny tail no longer gets in the way.

An injury to his hoof during the 1999-2000 Bulls season sidelined Da Bull briefly, but he returned to the trampoline after a short recovery period.

He can be seen at Bulls games also dressed as a karate black belt, a disco dancer, and an NBA referee. Da Bull is available for appearances by calling the Bullsí Community Relations Department at 312.455.4000.

For Season Tickets call 312.455.4000 Bulls.com/family