Chicago Bulls Mascot

Benny the Bull Bio

Height: 6-6

Weight: 375 lbs.

Fur Color: Red

Horn Tip Color: Red

Eye Color: Black

Jersey Number: 1

Favorite Song: Wooly Bully

Favorite Book: Benny Gets a Bully-Ache

Favorite Colors:
The Chicago Bulls colors, of course – red and black!

Fun Facts:
Benny is a member of the Bulls’ All-Star Reading Team. As part of the team, Benny makes several trips to schools, boys and girls clubs and parks throughout the Chicagoland area to teach children about the joys of reading.

Among his many talents, Benny can ride a bike, surf, play basketball, read, play Simon Says, count, dance, officiate basketball games, perform magic tricks, and tie his own shoes. He made his first official appearance at a Bulls game in 1969.

Benny owns several costumes that allow him to dress as a vampire, sorcerer, magician, NBA referee, Santa Claus or he can attend formal events in his tuxedo.

As a representative of the Chicago Bulls, Benny makes approximately 250 appearances a year entertaining Bulls fans and children throughout the Chicagoland area. He is available for appearances by calling the Bulls’ Community Relations Department at 312.455.4000.

For Season Tickets call 312.455.4000 Bulls.com/family