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Making the Luvabulls starring Cheri Oteri

A spot on the Chicago Luvabulls is earned, not given. BullsTV follows one woman’s quest, as she battles to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a Chicago Luvabull.

Behind the Scenes of "Making the Luvabulls"

Part scripted. Part improv comedy. BullsTV takes us through the production of “Making the Luvabulls” and working with actress/comedian Cheri Oteri during the 2014 Luvabulls Audition.

Photo Galleries

Luvabulls Photo Gallery: Bulls vs. Hawks (10.16.14)

Luvabulls Photo Gallery: Bulls vs. Nuggets (10.13.14)

Luvabulls Photo Gallery: Bulls vs. Wizards (10.06.14)

Luvabulls Auditions

Team Photo Shoot, Behind the Scenes

Photo credit: Nolis Anderson