2009.10 Chicago Luvabulls

Meet Luvabull Tina

Luvabulls: Tina


April 4


Grand Rapids, MI


Iím a server and bartender in search of my ideal job! Keep reading and youíll find out what that is;)


Oakland University in Rochester, MI


ďTĒ or ďT.I.Ē

Ethnic Background

Cambodian, Armenian, and Finnish. My parents gave me the ability to catch a great tan. Thank you!

Dance Experience

I did a bit of everything when I was younger. Once I was old enough, I dance for the Grand Rapids Rampage Arena Football team. After two seasons there, I thought I would try my chances in the NBA and tried out for the Detroit Pistons Dance Team Automotion. I didnít make it my first audition, but I went back the following year and made it! I had the opportunity to spend three seasons there and had an amazing time. Now I live in Chicago and am so proud and excited to be a Chicago Luvabull!!!!

Lifetime Goal

Live life to the fullest without holding back! I want to try everything at least once if not twice, travel the world, and make a positive impact no matter where I am or what I do.

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Three words that describe me are

Adventurous, Optimistic, and Humorous

Quote to live by

"Youíll never know if you donít try!Ē

Pet Peeve

It drives me crazy when drivers donít use blinkers! You know who you are!

My claim to fame is...

Become a Luvabull

Most people donít know this about me...

I love to fish! Fresh water or salt water, either way I bait my own hook! Although, I must say saltwater fish put up a better fight!

Years on squad

Iím a rookie...but I hope youíll never notice that on the court!

Why I chose to be a Luvabull

I chose to become a Luvabull because I love performing and Iím not ready to give up dancing yet. I enjoy being part of an organization that is known around the world and present in the community. Plus, I know that being a Chicago Luvabull will allow me to continue growing and have a positive impact in my life! Go Bulls!

Favorite Holiday

My favorite holiday is Christmas, not for the presents, but because for some reason the holiday music always puts me in a cheerful mood! I love Christmas with light falling snow, just as long as itís not a blizzard outside! Then Iím not so cheery. I get cold easily.

Favorite Movie

Stepbrothers - I absolutely love Will Ferrell movies!


Best Quality

My best quality is my ability to see the brighter side of things. Why fret upon what is when you could make the best of it instead?

Book Iím reading now

501 Spanish Verbs. Iím trying to become fluent

Favorite type of music

Anything really! I suppose it depends what mood Iím in. Sometimes Iím a little country, other times Iím pop or rock.

How do friends see you (three words)

Energetic, Goofy, and Hospitable.

My proudest accomplishment to date is...

Graduating college. Iím still looking for that ideal job (besides being a Luvabull of course)Öanyone? Just kiddingÖbut really though

What is the best gift you have ever received?

My diamond ring xoxo

Ideal Job

Iíd love to work as an entertainment reporter on E! Television. Even better, the best job in the world to me would be one that would allow me to travel the world and meet new people.

Advice to young dancers

My advice to young dancers would be you donít need to be a trained dancer to succeed. If you love doing it and youíre willing to work hard, then just do itÖdance! Donít ever stop learning and be open to all styles. Step out of your comfort zone!

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