2009.10 Chicago Luvabulls

Meet Luvabull Melissa

Luvabulls: Melissa


I am 25 years old.


I was born in Methuen, Massachusetts. I have lived in Massachusetts my entire life until this past August when I moved to Chicago, IL!


I am an Infant/Preschool Teacher at an art based school in Chicago, IL. I am extremely blessed that I wake up every morning and love what I do, teach and dance as a Luvabull!


I attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst and graduated with a BFA in Dance and a BS in Psychology.


My father calls me pahlookah head, my mother calls me Tis, my uncle calls me mosquito, and my friends and family call me Missy or Mis Meliss. I'm not exactly sure where some of those names came from, but I love them!

Ethnic Background

I am extremely proud of where I come from. I am Irish and Italian. My father is one hundred percent Irish and my grandfather on my mother's side is one hundred percent Italian

Dance Experience

I have been dancing since I was born! Luckily, my parents put me in dance school at the age of three. My training consists of Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyric, Modern, and Contemporary. I danced throughout college and then started to audition for professional dancing. My first professional dance experience was dancing for the NBA as a Celtics Dancer. I am pleased to say that I am still dancing for the NBA as a Luvabull!

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Lifetime Goal

To be happy and healthy.

Three words that describe me are

Open, honest, and optimistic.

Quote to live by

"Fly a kite! Bake a cake! Lead the band!" - Papa -This quote means that the sky is the limit. If something makes you happy then you should go after it and do it. Even the small things in life are just as important as the big ones!

Pet Peeve


My claim to fame is...

Being the Godmother to my sister, Cara and to my cousin, Nicole

Most people donít know this about me...

I have a twenty eight year old brother and a five year old sister! They are the most precious and dearest things to me and yes, we all have the same parents!

Years on squad

This is my first year as a Luvabull.

Why I chose to be a Luvabull

The Luvabulls are known for many wonderful things. They are known for their intellect, poise, and dedication to the art of dance. The Luvabulls have been around for many years and are a group of great role models. I am honored to be able to say that I am apart of this team.

Favorite Holiday

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love listening to Christmas music througout December.

Favorite Movie

The Sound of Music. I'm an old soul...what can I say?!?


Best Quality

My best quality is that I am an open person. I believe that there is no room for judgment.

Book Iím reading now

The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

Favorite type of music

I love every type of music. The type of music I listen to depends on the mood I'm in at that moment. However, you can never go wrong with a little M.J.!

How do friends see you (three words)

Loyal, caring, and sincere

My proudest accomplishment to date is...

Finishing what I start. If I don't get it my first try then I will try until I do!

What is the best gift you have ever received?

A song that was written for me by David. It is simply beautiful

Ideal Job

I plan on becoming a Dance Therapist.

Advice to young dancers

Never stop dancing. Dancing is like a poem without the words and is extremely therapeutic. If you are able to experience that, hold onto it as long as you can. Also, always remember that there are no boundaries to the art of dance, not one person is better than another, and if you love to dance then believe me, you are fantastic! Don't allow anyone to tell you different. Always keep dancing!

"Dance, when you're broken open. Dance, if you've torn the bandage off. Dance, when you're perfectly free." - Jalal Al-Din Rumi

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