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Meet Luvabull Lisa

Luvabulls: Lisa


26 / December 24


Naperville, IL


I work at a Therapeutic Day School as a special education teacher. I am also a hostess at a downtown steakhouse as well as a DJ on the weekends.


Western Michigan University



Ethnic Background

German, Polish, Russian

Dance Experience

I started dancing when I was seven years old. I have taken a variety of different types of dance focusing mainly on jazz and hip hop. I danced during my college career on Western Michigan University's dance team. This is my forth year as a Luvabull.

Lifetime Goal

To make the most out of what life has to offer and to feel like I have had a positive impact in the world.

Three words that describe me are

Free-spirited, Inquisitive, and Driven

Quote to live by

I like the motto, "Everything happens for a reason." At the time it isn't always clear why something is happening, but it is important to have trust and learn from your experiences. Happiness is where you find it, but rarely where you seek it. By finding the good in any situation, happiness will find you

Pet Peeve

I am pretty easy going. However, I donít like when people are disrespectful to others.

My claim to fame is...

I am a Luvabull and dance for the NBA!

Most people donít know this about me...

I donít like having lengthy phone conversations, I would much rather talk in person.

Years on squad

This is my fourth season.

Why I chose to be a Luvabull

I have always loved dancing and basketball. This is a great way to enjoy both.

Favorite Holiday

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. This is a time when my out of town relatives gather at one home to spend a long weekend together.

Favorite Movie

I really enjoy staying in and watching movies. A few of my favorites are Braveheart, Glory Road, Count of Monte Cristo, Troy, and Wedding Crashers.


Best Quality

My positive view on life

Book Iím reading now

The Twilight series

Favorite type of music

I enjoy all genres of music. My favorite varies, depending on how I am feeling.

How do friends see you (three words)

Positive, Thoughtful, and Entertaining

My proudest accomplishment to date is...

Graduating Summa Cum Laude from W.M.U. while being active in a sorority, being on the dance team, and studying abroad.

What is the best gift you have ever received?

My grandma was making me a doll for my birthday. It was going to be a surprise. She passed away before she was able to give it to me. One of her friends knew about the doll and surprised me with it. It is the only thing I have from her so I really cherish it.

Ideal Job

would like to be a School Social Worker and continue to dance, and possibly teach dance.

Advice to young dancers

Confidence is a big part of dancing. Don't let anyone take it away from you. Just have fun and remember to smile!

2009.10 Chicago Luvabulls sponsored by Bally Total Fitness
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