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2010-11 Luvabulls: Meet Krystal


Slinger, WI


University of Wisconsin – Madison

What does being a member of the Luvabulls mean to you?

Being a member of the Luvabulls has provided me with opportunities I would have never been able to experience otherwise. I’ve danced in front of thousands of fans, had a courtside seat to playoffs, traveled across the world, and met a group of amazing women who have turned into life long friends.

How has your dancing experience led you to this point?

I started dancing as a cheerleader in high school, but my other passion was singing and musical theatre. I performed in a number of different productions throughout college, and decided to come to Chicago after I graduated to pursue singing. I have always loved dancing as well, and went out on a whim to audition for the Luvabulls, not expecting to make the team at all. Four years later, I still can’t believe I’m an NBA dancer, and it has been the most fun, rewarding, and exhilarating experience of my performing career!

What is your claim to fame—besides being a Luvabull?

I can sing!

What people do you admire the most and how have they supported or inspired you as a dancer?

The most inspiring feeling is to have the continued support and encouragement of your family. I am so lucky in my life to have exactly that, along with so much more which they have provided for me to allow me to become the dancer I am.

What is your proudest accomplishment to date and where do you see yourself in 10 years?

My proudest accomplishment to date is most definitely being a Chicago Luvabull. With each year I realize how much I have learned from the organization, and how much it has helped me grow as both an individual and performer. Ten years from now, I can only hope that I will be happy, healthy, and leading an exciting life with the people I love.