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2011-12 Luvabulls: Meet Kafi

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What does being a member of the Luvabulls mean to you?

It means everything to me! The Luvabulls has been such a great learning experience for me and it has definitely shaped who I am. I have learned so much about myself through this organization and I absolutely love every minute of being a member. I always have to pinch myself and remind myself how blessed I am to lead this life and how much this organization means to me. It is my heart and soul and I absolutely love it.

What is your claim to fame—besides being a Luvabull?

Being a model and having had incredible experiences including traveling for runway shows, photo shoots and being a spokesperson for several ad campaigns.

How has your dancing experience led you to this point?

I’ve been dancing since I was a little girl in pink tights and a tutu. While I’ve definitely progressed since that point I have to thank my mom for keeping me on track with dance because I used to hate to go! She would take me to class every week against all of my many attempts to elude her but thankfully she didn’t let up because dance has become my heart, soul and passion.

Describe the feeling of performing at a Bulls playoff game

Performing at a Bulls playoff game is an experience that really lets you know what it means to take it to the next level. The very first time I danced at a Bulls playoff game the iconic starting lineup music started playing, the lights were off and the fans were cheering like crazy. You could feel the incredible power of the city of Chicago in the building and I found myself with tears in my eyes because I was so overjoyed to be a part of it. It is an indescribable feeling that I am very lucky to have experienced.

What do you do for a living?

I’m a key account manager for a liquor distributor in the Chicago area specializing in fine wine.

What is your proudest accomplishment to date and where do you see yourself in 10 years?

My proudest accomplishment to date is living my dream. Between having Luvabulls in my life, being successful with my job and being surrounded by loved ones I could not ask for anything more. Waking up every day is such a blessing and I am so happy to be at this point in my life. In 10 years I see myself happily married with a family and giving my children as much love and support as my parents continue to give me. I plan to still be dancing in some way whether it is on a world stage or a dance class or both. I want to travel and live as much of life as possible and also give so much back. Life is what you make of it and I plan on not wasting a single second.

What people do you admire the most and how have they supported or inspired you as a dancer?

I have so much admiration for my parents and how they have each inspired and supported me in their own way. I could not ask for any more support from one single person than my mom gives me every day. Her undying support and never-ending love makes her an icon to me. My mom is honestly my biggest hero. My dad on the other hand plays the quieter role but his support is just as important. My dad has always let me try, and sometimes fail, at whatever my goal is in life. He has always been there to support me and lend me a shoulder to lean on, cry on, and carry me through whenever I needed it. No matter what, my parents are always there for me and that inspiration has made me the person and the dancer that I am today.