2009.10 Chicago Luvabulls

Meet Luvabull Imani

Luvabulls: Imani


23 / September 22


Chicago, IL


Thomas and Herbert Consulting/Student


Bachelor of Arts in Print Journalism from Howard University



Ethnic Background

African American

Dance Experience

My love of dance probably extends back to my first steps (and was reinforced by Janet Jacksonís ďRhythm NationĒ video) and Iíve subsequently been trained in ballet, various modern techniques, jazz, hip hop, and tap. As a child, I began instruction at the Detroit Windsor Dance Academy, Reach for the Stars, and Studio One Dance Conservatory (now Studio One Dance Theater). In high school, I was a member of the Whitney M. Young Magnet High School Dance Department (Stage and Performance) as well as the Guys and Dolls Dance Team. As I continued my education, I couldnít give up my love of dance and went on to join the Howard University Bisonette Dance Ensemble as well as Howard Universityís VIZION Performance Team. Post-undergraduate studies, I joined the Chicago Mustang Dancers and currently serve as the teamís co-captain. I also do independent training with ChildsDance.

Lifetime Goal

The funny thing about life is that itís not about the beginning or the ending points, but really the journey. I want to make sure I live a regret-free life, full of rich and diverse experiences.

Three words that describe me are

Resilient, Driven, and Surprising!

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Quote to live by

ďOne only sees with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.Ē - The Little Prince

Pet Peeve

Carelessness, Insincerity

My claim to fame is...

Being Miss Chicago for the Miss America Organization and a Luvabull!

Most people donít know this about me...

Iím pretty short. Most people mistakenly think Iím average height until they literally stand next to me. But with a father who is 6í4, a mother who is 5í0, and a sister who is 5í10, I had to be the child who got the runt genes ;)

Years on squad

This is my ROOKIE year!

Why I chose to be a Luvabull

Actually, I was blessed to become a Luvabull! Iíve danced my entire life, so when I came back to the Chicago-area post-undergrad, I wanted nothing more than to perform with such an esteemed team! And why did I choose to dance for the Bulls? Did I mention I grew up during the Jordan years?!

Favorite Holiday

Christmas! I love holiday ham and turkey, and probably know the lyrics to every Christmas carol fathomable (trust me, I tune up around October).

Favorite Movie

The Godfather Part II


Best Quality

Iím a good listener

Book Iím reading now

Okay, Iím sure I wonít make the list for ďBest Read LuvabullĒ with this, but I love the Twilight Series. I re-read the books all of the time.

Favorite type of music

Old-school R&B a la Phyllis Hyman and the Isley Brothers

How do friends see you (three words)

Supportive, Nonjudgmental, and Surprising!

My proudest accomplishment to date is...

My proudest moment to date would be winning my first title in a national pageant system and becoming a Luvabull in the same year. This experience is a dream come true. Whoever thought a little girl from the South Side would be able to represent and entertain her city in such a big way?

What is the best gift you have ever received?

My grandmother bought my evening gown for the Miss Illinois competition the week before she passed away. Itís a beautiful beaded gown and it is yellow as that is her favorite color. Thereís a saying in pageantry that the girl in the white wins, but in my eyes there was not a more stunning gown in existence.

Ideal Job

Ruling the world ;) J/K! In all seriousness, a job where I get to maximize my creativity without being trapped behind a desk would be ideal. Ruling the world would be a great perk of employment though!

Advice to young dancers

There is no dishonor in giving it a second try! In this world of difficult and challenging auditions, the first try may not be the time for you to make it. However, donít let pride get in the way of your blessing. I will say without shame that I DID NOT make Luvabulls my first attempt, but I knew that being a member of this team was a goal I had for myself. With that said, I tried a different approach, put in more work, and was able to reach my goal. Remember, abrupt failure is just an opportunity to make a glamorous comeback.

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