2005.06 Luvabulls: Dinna's Personal Profile
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24 | Birthday: October 14

Wheeling, IL

Web Developer/SAP ERP Analyst, Dancer

Marital status:

University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign

Di, Dinny, DinDin, Deen, Bubble, Sunny D

Dance experience:
“This is now my third year as a Chicago Luvabull. I have been dancing all different styles of dance for about twelve years including hip-hop, jazz, footwork, house, pom, and cultural. I’ve never formally taken dance classes, but my experience includes: Showchoir (singing and dancing), Buffalo Grove high school Poms, Indian, Cambodian, Filipino and Latin cultural dancing (I love Bachata!), choreographing for serenades and my college dance team, Dance 2XS. I also taught Hip-hop for Bally’s and various high-school teams.

I have been dancing with Dance 2XS for the last 7 years, VP for one year and President/Director for 3 years. They are an amazing international hip-hop dance troupe that has become a family to me, which is why I co-founded the Chicago troupe in 2003. And now since my last year on Luvabulls, these girls have become like family to me as well! The team last year was so great to dance/work with, our leadership is so supportive of all of us and I look forward to yet another great season.

My favorite style of dance is hip-hop!!! and that is what I feel is my best style. It’s funky, challenging and stylistic, so you can add your own flavor. And I feel hip-hop shows that you truly have rhythm!! My two most unforgettable dance moments include Cotton Club 2001 down at the University of Illinois and last year’s Diva halftime show. The crowd went crazy after the performance and there was just that amazing vibe that you get off of your team when everyone is just on point and having fun out there together. It’s those times that performing with a team is just phenomenal."

Career Goals:
To get my MBA and ultimately to be a respected and successful business woman whether it be owning my own business or working in the corporate world while also dancing and being able to juggle it all!

Lifetime Goal:
To live a happy, fulfilled life full of love, family, friends, God, and knowing that I tried my hardest in everything I did, seized all opportunities, and to be successful in all I do.

Three words that describe me are:
Goofy, Ambitious, and Optimistic

Best advice or quote:
“Our lives are not determined by what happens to us but by how we react to what happens, not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst, a spark that creates extraordinary results.” —Anon

I’m happiest when…
I am surrounded by wonderful people that I love.

My claim to fame is…
Dancing with 2XS and dancing with Luvabulls for the last two years!

Most unusual job:
Dancing for 6 hours straight on a small stage with hot, bright lights wearing blue hair, blue eyelashes and white go-go boots! It was to raise money for keeping music in local area schools and it was lots of fun. Even though it was exhausting, it was for a great cause so I was happy to do it!

Most people don’t know this about me…
I am semi-fluent in Spanish, Cambodian, Portuguese and can read and write in French.

My most embarrassing moment was…
I don’t get embarrassed too easily because I can usually laugh at myself, but once in a while when I used to trip and fall the one too many times on my heels, I would be pretty embarrassed! (I think I have mastered it now).

My passions are…
Dancing, learning new things and spending quality time with people I love, oh and eating good food!

Favorite food:
My Mom’s Cambodian food, Sushi, Breakfast foods, Brazilian churrascaria, Korean food, and anything chocolate!!

Favorite movie:

Favorite book:
“The Purpose Driven Life”

I stay home to watch…
Friends, C.S.I. Miami and Will & Grace

If I could vacation anywhere, I'd…
Want to see all the variety the world has to offer—so everywhere; not just some beautiful hotel resort, not that I wouldn’t like it, but something more adventurous or cultural like going on an African Safari or visiting my roots of Cambodia to learn more of the history, and then later on when I can’t handle all the craziness (maybe when I’m 60?), I’ll want a nice little resort in a tropical place.

The person/people I most admire are…
My parents, my wonderful girlfriends who live all over the world and HML.

My proudest accomplishment to date is…
Graduating from the University of Illinois with a degree in Computer Engineering and getting the Grainger Top 25 in Power Award.

What is the best advice you could give to kids?
Always think about what you are saying to others and the consequences that your actions may have. Don’t let peer pressure get to you! Be strong! Education is key, stay in school! Do onto others as you would like done to you.

What is the best gift you have ever received?
My best gift is definitely not an object but my best gifts are the times I was surprised on a special day. Like once on my birthday my friend threw me a huge birthday celebration all behind my back with friends that were so far back in my history that I didn’t even know remembered me! I think it’s so sweet that my friends went out of their way to make me happy.

Name two people you would like to have dinner with:
Ravi Zacharias because of his intellect, insight and discoveries he has found that I am in search for. My second person would have to be someone funny but then I want to meet someone really smart too! So Conan O’Brian because he would be hilarious to talk to and he went to Harvard!

What would you like to be doing in five years?
I’m not sure what exactly I would like to be doing at the five-year mark, but I know what I want to do in the meantime. I will want to have or be getting my MBA or Masters in Education. I want to hopefully be engaged by then or married to a wonderful person. I want to have lived in another place for a while, like California or in another country studying, dancing or working (or all if possible!). And I want to visit Cambodia before the five-year mark so that I can hopefully pick up the language again before I get too old to be able to teach my kids!

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