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2012-13 Luvabulls: Meet Brittany

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What does being a member of the Luvabulls mean to you?

Being a Luvabull is an honor to me. I have gained so much knowledge and strength through this prestigious group of ladies. My experience with the team has bettered me as a dancer and a person because of the quality of hard work, detail and class that comes with our name. I’m still blessed to have worked hard enough to have this opportunity to perform for another year.

How has your dancing experience led you to this point?

Dancing has been in my bones since I was a little girl. I was self taught in turning in circles and walking on my tippy toes. My parents decided to get me real training at age 7. I’m a Ballet dancer now, which requires being trained on Pointe. I also trained in Modern, African, Jazz, and Hip hop. This training came from my wonderful arts high school in Baltimore City (BSA). I have trained in dance summer intensives and my university as a Ballet major. I decided to move to Chicago after college because this city has a great appreciation for arts. All of the years of dedication and perseverance through good and bad times in dance have led me to this point in my life.

What is your claim to fame—besides being a Luvabull?

My claim to fame was having the opportunity of being an extra in a dance movie. It was a lot of fun and I hope to do it again someday!

What do you do for a living?

I’m a Sales associate and Pointe Shoe Consultant in a dance establishment. I analyze and fit beginning to advanced dancers in Pointe shoes. I also teach creative movement to younger kids. Both jobs are fun because they keep me strictly around the dance world!

Describe the feeling of performing at a Bulls playoff game.

Performing at a Playoff game was an out of mind experience. The energy of the crowd could be felt through every bone in my body!!! When I performed I felt like there was no other place I’d rather be at that moment. My first playoff game still comes to mind, red lights everywhere and an exploding crowd cheering, best sporting event I’d ever been a part of!

What people do you admire the most and how have they supported or inspired you as a dancer?

My family and close friends encourage me to go after my dreams. However, there are three people in my life that I not only admire for supporting me, but have been a cheering team for me since day one. My Mom, Dad and brother have always been there for me. The amazing thing is that we all have our own art forms we study. I admire their continued dedication to their art, which inspires me to work harder on my dancing. Those days when I feel like I may have failed, hearing their words of encouragement picks me back up. I love hearing updates on their newest projects; they never stop working until they have a good outcome on their work. We have one of the tightest bonds a family of four can have and I love them dearly!

What is your proudest accomplishment to date and where do you see yourself in 10 years?

My proudest accomplishment is graduating from The University of the Arts with honors and being the first grandchild to graduate from college in my family! In 10 years I see myself still dancing and teaching. I also wish to be married and hope to have twin babies on the way to jumpstart a new chapter in my life!