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Thomas and Benny the Bull Go Sky High Golfing

PGA pro Pat Dorgan, Tyrus Thomas and Benny the Bull Pat Dorgan, Tyrus Thomas and Benny stand atop the Sears Tower, the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.

Benny the Bull Competes in NBA Finals Mascot Stunt Competition
Along with Tyrus Thomas, Benny participates in a 45 minute golf lesson on the 90th floor rooftop of the Sears Tower

Benny the Bull | Bulls in the Community | CharitaBulls

June 7, 2007 — It was a sight that had golf enthusiasts around Chicago green with envy. Benny the Bull, along with playing partner and Bulls forward Tyrus Thomas, took a private golf lesson from the roof of the Sears Tower on Wednesday afternoon.

This 90th floor golf outing was Benny’s entry into this year’s nationwide mascot stunt contest leading up to the NBA Finals starting June 7. PGA pro Pat Dorgan gave the 45 minute lesson, drawing a great deal of attention from curious members of Chicago’s media.

Benny is representing the city of Chicago and competing against other mascots and cities across the country. The winner of the competition will be the mascot that performs the most unusual and original stunt.

PGA pro Pat Dorgan, Tyrus Thomas and Benny the Bull