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Kia Educator of the Month: March 2014

Name: Ashley Turner
School: Caldwell Academy Math and Science
Grade: School Clerk

Why did you decide you wanted to be a teacher? Are there any particular teachers who have influenced you in the past?

Ashley Turner: Originally I did want to be a teacher after watching my grandmother teach for 30+ years. I switched my major in college and decided I wanted to work with non profits. After graduation I did work for a couple of non profits and eventually landed a job as a clerk for CPS.

Describe your favorite teaching memory or experience.

Turner: My favorite experience was taking the group of 8th graders I work with downtown for the day. We went many different places and had lunch. They were so excited and happy and that made me feel so good.

How do teachers/educators impact the lives of their students? What do you hope that you personally can do to have a positive impact on the students you work with?

Turner: Educators greatly impact the lives of students and sometimes don’t even realize it until years later. But you never know what students are going through and the littlest things you do for them may have the biggest impact. I personally hope I can inspire the students I work with to be self-confident in all that they do which will hopefully help them to grow up to pursue their biggest dreams.

Describe how your professional role has made an impact thus far. What goals, if any, have you set in an effort to make even more of a difference in the future?

Turner: My professional role has hopefully made an impact because I am always around the school and have always been a listening ear for students. My goals to make more of a difference in the future would be to open my own inner-city youth center so that I can inspire and help more children within the community.

If your students could end each school year having learned only one thing, what would you want that to be?

Turner: If my students could end the school year having learned one thing I would want it to be reach for the stars because anything is possible despite any circumstances you may go through.

What was your reaction when you learned that your co-worker nominated you, and then when you were selected as the Kia Educator of the Month?

Turner: I was stunned when I first learned that Ms. Mack nominated me. I am such a shy stay out of the spotlight kind of girl that I would’ve never guessed that someone would have nominated me. When I finally let everything marinate I was truly honored that someone noticed all the hard work I put in day in and day out.

As Teacher of the Month, how will you spend your $1,000 award money?

Turner: I will spend it on buying more supplemental books for when I’m tutoring the children and use some of it to sponsor another trip to take my group of 8th graders on.

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2013-14 Kia Educator of the Month