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Kia Educator of the Month: April 2014

Name: Stacey Boyd
School: Brown Elementary School
Grade: Kindergarten

How long have you been teaching? What grade do you teach?

Stacey Boyd: I have been teaching for 10 amazing years. I have been teaching kindergarten for the last 7 years.

Why did you decide you wanted to be a teacher? Are there any particular teachers who have influenced you in the past?

Boyd: I decided I wanted to be a teacher at a young age. I have always loved working with children. I wanted to make a difference in a child's life and I knew I could do that by becoming a teacher. My parents and my grandmother were my main teacher influences. They are retired educators who I watched shape the minds of many students.

Describe your favorite teaching memory or experience.

Boyd: I have had many amazing teacher memories. But I guess I will go with my most current memory. I was just assessing my students to learn that 95% of my students are already reading above grade level. To see their expression when I told them that they were reading a first grade book as a kindergartener was just priceless.

How do teachers/educators impact the lives of their students? What do you hope that you personally can do to have a positive impact on the students you work with?

Boyd: Teachers impact the lives of their students by providing them with a safe environment for learning. I hope that I can teach each child not to give up. I want to help them see that they can be anything they want to be if they just put their minds to it. I also have a love for science and inquiry-based learning. It is my goal that my students take responsibility and eagerness for their own learning.

Describe how your professional role has made an impact thus far. What goals, if any, have you set in an effort to make even more of a difference in the future?

Boyd: My professional role has made an impact as I am the grade level chair. This provides me an opportunity to share best practices that I have found successful in my classroom. I am also a problem solver for all staff members. Staff and parents come to me when they want advice or are seeking solutions. With that in mind, I will continue to seek out best practices available in and out of our community for the good of our school, students, parents, and staff.

If your students could end each school year having learned only one thing, what would you want that to be? I want them to learn that reading is key...that the more they read the more they succeed.

What was your reaction when you learned that you were nominated, and then when you were selected as the Kia Educator of the Month?

Boyd: When I first learned that Susan Switzer nominated me I was just honored. I was honored that she saw something in my teaching that made me worthy of being honored. When I was selected I was super excited! I was just in awe. I said this year just couldn't get much better.

As Educator of the Month, how will you spend your $1,000 award money?

Boyd: I plan to spend the award money to enhance the technology program in my classroom. I would like me students to create their own digital texts. My students enjoy creating books. I would love for my students to use the Storybook application on the iPad to create their own story book.

2013-14 Kia Educator of the Month

2013-14 Kia Educator of the Month