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Developing a foundation through basketball

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By utilizing our strongest talent – our finesse in the game of basketball – we can inspire young talent and create a lasting impression on the lives of our neighbors. Passing on the skills and knowledge of the world’s greatest game to young fans and aspiring athletes is a direct investment in the future. As we develop their talent and understanding of the game, we teach the universal values of teamwork, strong leadership and perseverance. When applied to real-life situations as well as sport, those attributes pave the road to success.

Corporate Charity Ticket Sections
Each season, we receive a wealth of support from our corporate sponsors in the way of ticket donations. Several partners elect to purchase groups of 25 season tickets to be donated to local charities throughout the season. Through their generosity, we are able to share the excitement of one of our games with underprivileged residents in our area.

Player Ticket Sections
Our players share their good fortune with others by personally purchasing tickets to our games to be distributed to local charities, schools, group homes and after-school programs. A number of players volunteer to participate in this effort each year, footing the bill for hundreds of tickets to be distributed to families who would otherwise be unable to attend. To add to the experience, the players provide each guest with a specially designed T-shirt commemorating the occasion. The beneficiaries of our athletes’ generosity are treated - many for the first time - to a live NBA game where they are the guests of honor.

Chicago Wheelchair Bulls
The Chicago Wheelchair Bulls program provides an outlet for wheelchair-restricted people to challenge and advance their basketball skills in games against other teams on a national and international level. As a conduit to help others realize that people confined to wheelchairs can and do lead active, productive lives, the Chicago Wheelchair Bulls have established a reputation as one of the nation’s top wheelchair teams. Each year, the team competes at our home games, numerous charity events and has sent representatives to the NBA’s All-Star Weekend Wheelchair Basketball Game. In 1997, the Chicago Wheelchair Bulls created the Junior Wheelchair Bulls team, opening up the opportunity to wheelchair-restricted youth.

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