Chicago Bulls players host back-to-school rally

Chicago Bulls players host back-to-school rally

September 9, 2009 - Tyrus Thomas and James Johnson, along with Kia Motors America, hosted a back-to-school rally today and delivered much needed school supplies to students at Howe Elementary School in the city’s Austin neighborhood.

Thomas and Johnson were joined by Bob Love, Randy Brown and Benny the Bull to personally deliver the donated school supplies including spiral notebooks, pencils, pens, pocket folders, crayons and backpacks to the students. Additionally, they hosted a back-to-school rally to celebrate the occasion and the beginning of the school year.

The Bulls and Kia Motors teamed up with Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana Kia Motors retailers and surrounding local schools to collect school supplies to benefit Howe Elementary School.

The back-to-school supply drive ran from August 19 through September 1 and area residents were encouraged to donate school supplies to any of the 20 local Kia Motors retailers.